First off, thank you for your interest in Sunken Stone!

I’m Wahid (I also go by Will) and I run Strategic Partnerships here at Sunken Stone. We partner with eCommerce brands by offering a 100% turn-key Amazon Brand Management service. We’ve scaled up over 100 7/8-figure brands on Amazon. We know what it takes to win on Amazon.

This isn’t an ambush sales call. Even if you decide not to partner with us, you’ll come out of this call with a much clearer idea on what you should be spending your time on in order to grow your business on Amazon.

Below are the 3 topics we’ll cover during our Amazon Strategy Call and what you can expect to get out of it.

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Wahid (Will) Habib
Head of Strategic Partnerships

How the Amazon Strategy Call works

1) Understand your goals and your team’s capabilities

If I’m going to be able to help you and your brand, I’ll first need to understand your goals, team size & skill sets, and other operational details about your business. “Selling more” on Amazon is everyone’s #1 goal but if your team lacks the skill set or time to do so, it’s important we acknowledge that before forming a game plan.

2) Assess challenges and what you’re up against

Once I understand what your end goals and team’s capabilities are, we need to honestly assess where you’re at on Amazon and what you’re up against. To do that, I’ll share my screen while I review your best performing Amazon product listing and provide advice on how to improve your conversion rate. During this, I’ll also assess your competition, and other potential roadblocks like resellers. A mountain climber plans their entire route and maps every obstacle before taking even one step. Same thing here.

3) Provide game plan and your realistic chances of success

Lastly, we have a success formula which helps me realistically assess your chances of success on Amazon based on our experience with growing over 70+ brands on Amazon.

With all that done, I’ll be able to give you honest, no-frills advice on what it’s going to take for you to succeed on Amazon. You can hire us to do it for you, or take this knowledge and execute it yourself.

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