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5 Easy Steps To Fix A Suppressed Listing On Amazon [How To]

By Published On: January 27th, 2021Categories: Inventory Management

What is a suppressed listing on Amazon?

A suppressed listing on Amazon is a product listing that Amazon deactivates because it doesn’t comply with an Amazon policy. When Amazon hides a product listing, it doesn’t show up in search results. Thus, Sellers and Vendors must correct any listing errors so that customers can find and purchase their products.

What is a suppressed listing on Amazon? Amazon suppresses listings that do not comply with their standards to provide a positive buying experience in the marketplace. There are many reasons why Amazon merchants have suppressed listings on Amazon. 

Indeed, it’s a frustrating experience to go through because it stalls impressions, clicks, and conversions. This blog post looks at suppressed listings on Amazon, why they happen, and how quickly fix them. 

The faster you can resolve listing errors, the sooner you’ll increase product visibility and improve your Amazon sales. Read on to learn more about suppressed listings on Amazon.

HELP! My Amazon Listings Have Been Search Suppressed

What is a suppressed listing on Amazon?

We know that it’s stressful when things don’t work out for your business as an Amazon Seller. Although having your Amazon listings suppressed can lead to loss of sales, it should not be a cause of alarm as it is pretty easy to fix.

But what does a suppressed listing on Amazon mean?

A suppressed listing on Amazon happens when Amazon deactivates product listings due to failure to comply with listing guidelines.

When Amazon suppresses listings, these products don’t appear in Amazon’s search results until Sellers and Vendors resolve the compliance issues.

When Amazon suppresses your listing, it’s a good idea to resolve the policy issues as quickly as possible to resume sales and prevent listing deactivation.

Why Does My Listing Say Suppressed?

What is a suppressed listing on Amazon? How to find suppressed listings for Amazon Sellers

There are multiple reasons why Amazon suppresses product listings. Here are the common causes of suppressed Amazon listings:

  • Listings without main images.
  • Product images do not comply with Amazon’s standards and specifications.
  • Products without a category type.
  • A product listing without an accurate product description.
  • Product titles that exceed the character limit.
  • Listings without brand information or that lacking critical information.

Generally, Amazon suppresses product listings that violate one or more of Amazon’s standards. If you have too many suppressed listings, you put your account at risk. That’s why it’s crucial to have an inventory management strategy that works to catch and resolve these issues.

Is It The Same As Suppressed Inventory On Amazon?

Suppressed inventory refers to Amazon’s total number of hidden product listings from search results and brand pages.

Now that you know the difference between the two terms let’s discuss how to check suppressed listings on Amazon.

5 Easy Steps To Fix A Suppressed Listing On Amazon

As an Amazon Seller or Vendor, it’s vital to maximize your number of listings by clearing any suppressed inventory. Otherwise, your goods will sit in an Amazon warehouse until you can sell the products again. Thus, fixing suppressed listings is a vital part of your inventory strategy,

Here’s how to fix suppressed listings on Amazon so that buyers can locate your products:

Step #1: Navigate To Your Inventory Manager

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account, navigate to Inventory and click on Manage Inventory.

What is a suppressed listing on Amazon? Seller Central Manage Inventory location

Step #2: Review Your Suppressed Listings

You’ll see a “suppressed button” if there are any suppressed listings. If there’s no suppressed listing, this button won’t be available. It’s a good idea to check this section often to determine whether Amazon is hiding any of your product listings.

Step #3: Locate The Correct Listing

If there’s a suppressed listing, select a viewing option. You can view all suppressed listings or choose the option to display a specific type of suppressed listing.

Step #4: Edit Suppressed Listings

Choose a product listing and click the “edit” button to fix those that require more information, or click “Manage Images” to select those with image issues. 

You can get all the information regarding the suppression from the Amazon Product Summary. There’s a tab showing a red exclamation point in the Amazon product summary where you can find the policy issues and fix them.

Step #5: Resolve Listing Issues

Ensure you resolve all the issues and click ‘Save and Finish.’ Before clicking the Save and Finish button, you can also decide whether you should improve your listings using relevant Amazon SEO strategies.

What If You Can’t Locate The Correct Suppressed Product Listing?

In some cases, all the listings Amazon hides don’t appear in the suppressed listings section in Amazon Central. Let’s discuss what to do if you believe a listing is hidden but not appearing on the list.

What If Amazon Incorrectly Flags Your Product Listings?

Let’s face it. Sometimes Amazon makes mistakes. It’s typically a computer system determining whether to hide your listing. Thus, it’s easy for Sellers and Vendors to notice incorrect product suppressions.

Sometimes you’ll find that a product listing isn’t appearing in search results yet isn’t in the “suppressed listings” section in Seller Central. Perhaps your inventory management software suite explains that your listings have critical errors. In either case, Amazon may have put a prohibited claim flag on your listing.

What Are Prohibited Claims?

There are additional rules for Amazon Sellers and Vendors which prevent them from selling potentially dangerous products. The Amazon A9 / A10 algorithm flags listings to protect buyers from sellers that make wrongful claims. 

For example, if a health product seller writes something about their product’s environmental or health benefits that could be dangerous to a buyer, Amazon will hide the listing. Generally, these rules apply to sellers in specific Amazon product categories that have sales restrictions.

After you review the products that Amazon suppresses, you may wonder whether Amazon is hiding your listings due to a prohibited claim. But where can you locate these flags, and what can you do if you believe Amazon is incorrectly suppressing your listings?

There are a few steps Amazon Sellers must take to review prohibited claim flags and appeal the decision. Here’s what to know.

Review Your Stranded Inventory

Instead of suppressing listings that make false or dangerous claims, Amazon marks the product as stranded inventory.

Log in to your Seller Central, visit the “Manage Inventory” page and click on “Stranded Inventory.”

Here you’ll find a list of products that Amazon removes ASINs of due to a dispute of the claims in each listing. But don’t worry, there’s no guesswork to do. Amazon will explain precisely why they remove ASINs.

You have two options to prevent this listing from remaining hidden. First, resolve the title or product description issues, which will remove the ASIN from the stranded inventory status.

Alternatively, if you feel like the flag is a mistake, you can appeal the decision, and Amazon will review the product content for any wrongful claims.

Check Your Performance Notifications

Whenever Amazon flags your listings, they also send a performance notification. In some cases, Amazon suppresses product listings until the merchant or vendor solves the error. Other times, the listings remain visible to customers yet still need resolving.

After you review stranded inventory, also check your performance notifications. Amazon may require you to complete a Plan of Action, where you identify the root cause of the error, corrective actions, and preventative actions in the future. 

However, filing an appeal will clear this requirement if the A9 algorithm incorrectly flagged your product. So, now you know where to find information about suppressed or flagged listings on Amazon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Suppressed Mean In Seller Central?

A suppressed listing means that Amazon has deactivated a product listing for not complying with Amazon’s standards and guidelines.

How Do I Find A Suppressed Listing On Amazon?

Go to Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab in your seller central account, and you’ll see a ‘suppressed’ button if there’s any suppressed listing. ‘Suppressed’ button if there’s any suppressed listing.

Why Does My Amazon Listing Say Suppressed? 

Your listing is not appearing in search because it violates one or more of Amazon’s selling policies. By resolving any issues with your product descriptions, images, or categories, Amazon will resume displaying your listings.

Why Does My Amazon Listing On Amazon?

Your listing is not appearing in search because it violates one or more of Amazon’s selling policies. By resolving any issues with your product descriptions, images, or categories, Amazon will resume displaying your listings.

How Do I Fix A Suppressed Listing On Amazon?

Simply go to the inventory section in your seller central account, check out the reasons why your listing is suppressed from the Amazon product summary, and fix the issue.

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