In the constantly changing & evolving Amazon space, eCommerce brands seek strategic solutions to increase the effectiveness of their channel & scale their brand. Depending on the scope of the project and the amount of work required, there are several factors to consider when choosing what type of solution is right for your brand.

How To Select The Right Solution For Your Company

No matter what the size of your company, one of the first things to consider is the available amount of budget that you have to work with. The second thing to consider should be the amount of resources (time, software, etc.) in which you have to devote to the project. And the last thing to consider should be the ROI and the solution implementation rollout time.

Evaluating When To Use Consultants

Working with a consultant can be a smart solution for only a few certain types of problems in which brands face today. For the most part, consultants are used when a brand currently manages Amazon in-house themselves and they provide a fixed-project scope that will help their customers on or off the platform.

Examining Working With Consultants Further

  • Lack of resources versus agency
  • Viewed as hands-off advisor
  • Works on a fixed project scope that runs on a retainer basis
  • Solution for in-house efforts
  • More of a band-aid
  • Often times, less experience than agencies
  • Limited capabilities/services
  • Technologically advanced
  • Not the most efficient processes
  • Uses a cookie-cutter approach

Examining Working With Sunken Stone Further

  • Turnkey solutions built on 4 pillars of Amazon success: content, marketing, customer service, & logistics
  • Flexibility (three options to use our services)
  • Performance-based (more bang for your buck)
  • Does ALL the work for you using a more hands-on approach & our expertise
  • Access to a vast amount of global resources (access to 50+ team members)
  • Access to the most efficient internal/external processes
  • Capability to scale solutions
  • Complete Amazon management without the headaches or frustrations
  • Viewed as a partner

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to give your Amazon product listings a professional look with either a consultant or an Amazon management agency, the performance-based team at Sunken Stone can help. Our Amazon gurus can help manage your Amazon listings on autopilot. To learn more about how we can help you grow your Amazon business, reach out to our head of strategic partnerships today!