7 Product Research Tools To Hunt Your Competitors On Amazon Sunken Stone

7 Product Research Tools To Hunt Your Competitors On Amazon

By Published On: June 24th, 2021Categories: Amazon Product Research

Seven Product Research Tools To Hunt Your Competitors On Amazon

The best product research tools drop shipping will hint down the winning products because it will scan sellers and find the items that are sold the most at a specific time. These results will help you figure out the products to upload and it will save you a lot of time in the process. A tool will make work easy for you and all that will be left is to upload the products. In this article you will learn:

  •         Different product research tools available in the market
  •         The best product research tool to use
  •         Benefits of using product research tools
  •         How sunken stone can help you to choose product research tools

Product research tools are software that helps you to choose the products you should sell on Amazon. You need to have the right software so that you can be successful on Amazon and also compete effectively with your peers.

Benefits Of Using A Product Research Tool

The e-commerce industry continues to grow and every year, many more people are venturing into dropshipping and other related businesses. To compete effectively with other sellers, you need to ensure that you upload products that customers need.

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Online retailers feel the pressure when they need to compete and make a high-profit margin at the same time. Relying on different tools will help sellers to make more and also choose well when it comes to product selling. The following are some of the benefits of using a product research tool:

Product Sourcing

Many sellers when starting do not know what products will sell well and which ones will compete effectively in the market. It is necessary to find a tool that will help with product sourcing. This is where the product research tools come in because they will help to find winning products that will help you run a profitable business.

Scanning Multiple Marketplaces

You may need to explore different marketplaces when you are selling online and it is important to find out which are the best ones to explore. The product research tools will help you scan different markets so that you can be sure the when you outgrow your current marketplace; you will be prepared to sell on other markets.

Analyze The Competition

It does not matter if you are a beginner or you have been selling on Amazon for a long time, you need to ensure that you have a competitive edge against your peers. You need to analyze the competition so that you know how you can compete effectively. Product research tools will help you to succeed in checking out the competition and finding ways of making more. You can view what your competitors are selling, their reviews, ratings, and other useful information.

Define Profit And Expenses

You might assume that products with high sale prices are the best but it is also crucial to look at how much expenses they will be. If you can manage a reasonable profit and loss, you will be more successful in your business. A product research tool will provide an estimate of your profits and losses so that you choose the products to can sell and get a higher return.

Although you do not need significant capital when you are drop shipping, you still need to spend money on hosting, themes, ad campaigns, and other costs related to websites running. This is why you need to ensure that you are making more and that your expenses are not weighing down on your profits. You will choose the products better when you know more about your expenses and profits.

Save Money

Many sellers complain about having to use many tools to be able to compete and sell successfully. Each tool is good at one thing and it is tasking having so many tools to help you sell. This is why getting one tool that will help with most issues is vital for sellers. Product research tools will help you to solve more than one issue so that you will not need any other tools to sell successfully.

Now that you know the benefit of having a product research tool, it is important to find out which tool is the best for your business. The following are the seven best product research tools you can use for your business:

1. Jungle Scout: The Best Amazon Product Research Tool in 2021

This is an Amazon product research tool that offers solutions for big analytics to help monitor competition and also make estimates. It filters through millions of products so that it can help you to choose the right products for you to upload. You can track your products and also those of your competitors to ensure you grow in your business.

With this tool, you will find it easy to validate product ideas using their chrome extensions and sort out the data according to the most important one for your business.

Why Jungle Scout Is The Best Tool

The Jungle Scout research tool is the best because it comes with apps that you can use directly with web or chrome extensions. This makes it easy for anyone to use it with their business and it filters products with several categories. You will be able to use this tool to broaden your product research globally so that you can be ready to explore different markets.

With Jungle Scout, you will get several extra features that will help you to grow and you can use them to your advantage. It mixes filters so that you can get more data than many other tools because you can use the data to advance in your business.

3 Key Features Of Jungle Scout’s Amazon Product Research

Jungle Scout product research tool ranks high because it has the following major features:

  • It is available as a chrome extension or web app.
  • Researches and filters by estimated sales, ranks, and many m0re categories.
  • It includes free webinars, eBooks, and case studies that will help your business grow.

How Jungle Scout Stacks Up Against Other Tools

This tool is effective in filtering through millions of products so that you can get the correct data at the time you need it. It has a higher ranking than most other research tools because it has several features that will make it more useful than the others.

It has an FBA profit calculator that you can use so that you can factor in Amazon seller fees and you can export the results to a CSV spreadsheet. This makes it easy for you to analyze the data and use them when you are choosing products to sell. The product tracker and niche hunter that comes with this software are also useful when it comes to choosing especially for new sellers and also when planning to sell in a different market.

The tool also allows the seller to choose the most profitable products and keep an eye on the competition so that you can make more income from your business. You can also use the chrome extension to monitor easily and take out the guesswork. This will minimize the risk and you will be able to maximize your profit.

While other tools will give you data, Jungle Scout also supports sellers by giving eBooks, free webinars, and case studies. This will help the seller to make more and be successful in their business.

6 Free Alternatives To Jungle Scout For Product Research

Apart from Jungle Scout, there are other best product research tools for Amazon that will help you when you are doing business. As an Amazon seller, you need all the help you can get to ensure you make more from your business. Some of these top amazon product research tools are those that make you have a competitive edge and also sell in different markets successfully.

The following are some alternatives to Jungle Scout that you can use for your business:

1. SellerApp

The SellerApp is one of the best product research tools for dropshipping because it has intuitive features that make it easy to use and rely on. It will provide you with reliable data that has been taken from several sources. It has shortcuts and instant insights to ensure that you are always informed and that you have the most recent data to use when you need it. You can keep up with your competition easily when you have the data you need.

There are three different tiers when you are using this tool and you can choose one according to the number of products you are selling. These categories have features like:

  • SEO listings
  • Keyword tracking and research
  • The product trends and research
  • Index checker

2.      AMZScout

This is an eCommerce product research tool that is also very similar to Jungle Scout in functionality and features. You can also use a web app and chrome extension when you are using this tool so that you can get instant data when you need it. With this tool, you will have everything you need at your fingertips and you will have the data you want without going to the product page.

The AMZ Scout is one of the best product research tools for Amazon FBA because it gives accurate and reliable results. This makes it a great alternative to Jungle Scout and it helps to track sales so that you can have a better competitive edge. With this tool, you will get a product research tools free for the first seven days so that you can try it out before you commit to using it as the preferred tool.

It has packages that will suit different budgets and requirements that make it easy for different types of sellers. These packages have different features and guides that make it easy to sell track products. Apart from the features, you will also enjoy a free sales estimator and a free FBA calculator.

3. AMZ Tracker

This is a keyword research tool that uses a different approach when it comes to Amazon algorithms. There is a lot about product research when you are using this tool and it has helped top businesses to stay on top of the competition. It performs primary keyword researches which is heavily searched for by customers.

You can seal the search by confirming the long tail keyword research, negative review alerts, and competitor analysis. This will make it easy for you to identify changes and also see where there is a problem so that you can act fast to make the necessary changes you need.

4. AMZBase

When you are starting, you need a product research tool that is not costly but is still effective so that you can still compete fairly with your peers. AMZBase is one of the free product market research tools that you can use for your business. It has several features that make it ideal for sellers who are selling on Amazon and are also on other sites. You will have access to Alibaba, Ali express, eBay, camel camel camel, and other Google search engines when you are using this tool. It also helps you to get the ASIN and product descriptions on listing as well as calculating FBA fees to help estimate your profits. This is also an effective free product research tool for amazon India and also a free product research tool for Shopify that you can use.

5. IO Scout Product Finder

This is a product research tool that filters any metrics for you so that you can find out the most profitable products. You will get Amazon listings information and estimated sales, reviews, and competitions to help you out when you need to compete effectively with your peers. It will be easy for you to choose the products to add to your list to continue monitoring them.

With one click, you can install this tool to your Google Chrome as an extension so that you can get instant access to the information available. The data you will get from this amazon FBA product research tool will help you access detailed statistics from Amazon websites. It also allows you to add products to lists so that you can monitor their activities.

6. CamelCamelCamel

This is a price tracker that makes it easy for you to search and get the best deals available in the market. You can create a browser add-on and app so that you will get alerts when there are discounts. When using the product research tool, you will have a list of popular products because it has more advanced searches.

The tool is free to download and you can create a wish list in your Amazon account and keep watch of the price history to help you decide when to buy the products. You can easily track the most interesting products so that you have them when you need them.  It is a product research tool for eBay and other platforms too.

Product Research Tools Are Only 1/100

Even when you are selling on other platforms, you need a reliable tool to help you with research. Amazon seller product research tools are available and are many so that you have options when you need the best tool to use for your business. You can get the best product research tools for drop shipping free on several websites so that you can use them for your use.

Sunken Stone, a top-tier, results-driven Amazon marketing Agency for growing eCommerce brands, will help you find the best dropshipping product research tool 2021 so that you can sell competitively on Amazon and other platforms. When you have the right product research tools for drop shipping, you can sell effectively in any market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Product Research Tool?

From research and according to the features that it has, the best product research tool on amazon is the Jungle Scout tool.

What Are Product Research Tools?

Product research tools are software that helps sellers to keep track of products so that they can compete effectively with other sellers. They help you with data that you can use to choose products to sell and other issues that will help you in the market.

How Do Product Research Tools Work?

The product research tools collect and compare thousands or millions of products so that you can have data on the bestselling products. You can choose the categories and the metrics you want the tool to use when comparing different products.

How Do You Do Product Research?

You will need to download the app and install the software that you have chosen. You can then use the data you get to choose the best product that you need to uploads at a particular time.

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