Product Photography Tips For Amazon Sellers

Product Photography Tips for Amazon Sellers

By Published On: July 24th, 2019Categories: Product Photography

What Are Amazon Product Photography Tips For Sellers?

Amazon Product Photography Tips and Guidelines for Sellers
  1. Pay Attention to Amazon’s Technical Requirements Before Shooting.
  2. Make Use of the Maximum Allowed Photos.
  3. Follow All Specs with the Main Image.
  4. Include an Infographic if Possible.
  5. Show the Size of the Product.
  6. Include at Least One Lifestyle Image.

Product photos give Amazon sellers a chance to communicate to buyers through the power of photography. High-quality Amazon product photos can help give your brand a professional image, all while helping consumers learn more about your product without having to read through blocks of text.

If you are looking to capture stunning product pictures that help increase conversions, here are some things to keep in mind.

Cover the Basics

As a customer lands on your Amazon product listings, its vital to have clear and concise images that accurately depict the product you are selling. In order to increase conversions and lower any customer service issues, be sure to photograph your product at all angle. This can help eliminate any issues that may arise from buyer misunderstandings.

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Location Matters

Amazon product photos give sellers the opportunity to showcase their products in a way that relates to consumers. Showcasing your products in a relatable setting can also help buyers envision using your item in its ideal setting. For example, sellers of barbecue grills can capture images of their grills in a backyard setting, or home electronics sellers can capture photos of their products near other essential home electronics.

Whatever your product may be, showcasing it in a relevant setting can help increase conversions.

Camera Quality

It comes with no question that the device you use to capture your Amazon product photos will have an impact on the quality of the images. Thankfully, most brands won’t need access to an expensive camera in order to capture stunning product images. Today’s smartphones, such as the iPhone X, allow Amazon sellers to capture captivating product images on a budget. Investing in a professional camera can help give your products a professional look.

If you’re looking for a camera fit for Amazon sellers, check out our guide on the best cameras for product photography.

Lighting and Equipment

Another step to giving your Amazon product photos an edge is by investing in a simple photography lighting and equipment set. Most of these sets include two to three lights and umbrellas, along with a backdrop, tripod, and more. These kits can help supplement your camera to give your images a professional look. Additionally, the backdrops and green screen many of these kits include can be ideal for future marketing endeavors, such as Amazon Live videos.

Final Note

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