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EASY TIPS To Report Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon [How To]

By Published On: July 26th, 2021Categories: Amazon Brand Protection

How Do I Report Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon?

If you’ve found unauthorized sellers on Amazon, you might not know what to do. There are multiple routes you can take to report unauthorized sellers and remove their listings from the Amazon marketplace.

In this article, we’ll help you understand how to report unauthorized sellers and what you need to do to make sure your claim is taken seriously.

Amazon is a great place to buy and sell products. But, if you’re not careful, it can also be the perfect place for online resellers to set up shop. Unauthorized resellers can pop up on Amazon and try to sell your products without having permission from your organization.

So, what happens when you find unauthorized sellers on Amazon? What is the first step forward? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to report unauthorized sellers on Amazon. This is important in order to keep your account safe from fraudsters!

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How Do Unauthorized Sellers Get On Amazon?

The most common way unauthorized sellers use various methods is to ensure that Amazon’s system does not detect them. Then, they’ll list your products without permission and start selling them before you have any idea what has happened. The top two ways unauthorized sellers get on Amazon include:

  • Using A Fake ASIN: This is the most common way that unauthorized sellers can get your products on Amazon without you knowing. They’ll associate a fake ASIN with your products, and once they activate it, they will be able to sell your product online for whatever price they want. Plus, it’s harder to detect.
  • Using Fake Retailer Names: This tactic is a little more complicated, but it can still be used to take your products and sell them on Amazon. The unauthorized seller will create an account under their various retailer names. Then, they’ll list your product in order to make money off of it without you knowing about it. Because they’re not using your brand name.

How Do I Report Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon?

You can report unauthorized sellers on Amazon within your Brand Registry page. From there, click “I have a question about an issue with my brand“. And provide information such as product name or ASIN to help identify any violation of your policies. Enter the appropriate information, and click submit.

It’s important to note that Amazon might not help you with your unauthorized seller issue. They only will take notice if there is a violation of intellectual property rights. Or if the seller does something that violates Amazon’s seller policies. However, they’ll generally limit their involvement in issues regarding distribution agreements or sellers’ individual reseller policies.

Thankfully, there is an upside. Even though Amazon will not help you remove the listing because they are listing at a lower price or unauthorized to do so. There are many ways this type of retailer might violate other Amazon guidelines. If you can collect proof of these issues, you will be able to get Amazon to remove these listings.

What Proof Can I Use Against Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon?

If you’ve found an unauthorized seller on Amazon, you’ll want to collect as much evidence as possible of these seller violations. It is important to help ensure that the listing is not more. This starts with you purchasing the product and documenting your experience with the product. Here are some red flags you should document to strengthen your listings.

Has Multiple Seller Accounts

how to report unauthorized sellers on amazon

One of the easiest ways for unauthorized sellers to resell their products is to create different retailer names. As soon as the manufacturer catches one of the fake names and it gets shut down. They’re able to restart the entire process under a new phony name. However, if you can figure out the multiple seller names, you can present this evidence to Amazon.

Pushes Buyers To Alternative Pages

Suppose the seller is trying to encourage buyers to leave Amazon to buy their products. Or including links to pages that are outside of Amazon. In that case, this counts as a violation of the seller’s guidelines. By documenting these messages, you’re able to show a clear violation from the seller.

Catching Phony Ratings

Unauthorized resellers will try to increase the number of fake customer reviews. So that they can bump their listings above authorized resellers. They might do this by purchasing their own products and leaving reviews. If you spot a reseller of your products, check ratings to see if anything seems suspicious or fake. If they do, you’ll want to document it so that you can report it to Amazon.

how to report unauthorized sellers on amazon

Inaccurate Information

Check for information that is misleading or inaccurate. Both of these situations are violations of Amazon’s seller guidelines. This may include writing false product testimonials or information about the products.

Multiple Brand Listings

Suppose you notice that the unauthorized seller has listed your products under different brands. In that case, this will help bolster your case to have these listings removed by Amazon. Because they are violating multiple brand names. 

Once you have proof from the unauthorized seller’s account, you’ll want to submit it to Amazon. Remember, the more evidence you have, the better a case you’ll have to get the listing removed.

Tracking Down Amazon Unauthorized Sellers Through Pricing

In order to defeat Amazon unauthorized sellers, you must be able to detect them first. There are many ways to do this. Such as manually searching for similar products and ASINs that match your company’s offers.

However, this can take a ton of time and research in order to find these resellers. Especially since hundreds of new listings are there on Amazon every day.

One of the easiest ways to get ahead of unauthorized sellers is to monitor price changes on Amazon. By investing in a tool that will alert you to changes in prices, you’ll also be able to detect unauthorized sellers to sell your products, as well as provide steps to help protect your business.

This type of program works for your business 24/7, so you don’t have to. It searches through hundreds of thousands of listing to ensure that no unauthorized sellers are lurking on Amazon. Once you can identify these users, you can take immediate action and stop any further brand damage or upset customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Unauthorized Seller On Amazon?

An unauthorized seller is someone who is listing your products without permission from your brand or company. It’s important to remember that unauthorized sellers can be selling your products on other platforms as well, so it’s vital to keep an eye on where your products are being sold.
The most common way unauthorized sellers do this is by purchasing your product in bulk and then selling it for a lower price than other authorized resellers on the platform. Unfortunately, this creates confusion with customers because there are two variations of the same product being sold side-by-side but for different prices. 
Other ways include changing information about the item or even creating fake customer reviews to increase their ranking against authentic resellers like yourself. If you notice any inconsistencies while browsing Amazon online, make sure you take pictures and document everything before submitting a complaint.

Can I Report An Amazon Vendor To Amazon?

The best way to report an unauthorized seller on Amazon is by contacting their customer service department. If you cannot reach them through phone or chat, it’s time to send a formal email instead. Please include all of the details about the violation as well as any proof that you have, like receipts, emails from when they purchased your product in bulk without permission, or even pictures while browsing online at Amazon.

Why Does Amazon Not Take Action Against Unauthorized Amazon Sellers?

Amazon claims that they take these cases very seriously. However, it’s evident from the dozens of complaints online about unauthorized sellers still flourishing on Amazon that this is not always true. One reason is that there are so many different brands and companies selling items on their platform, making it difficult for them to monitor each one.
Another significant issue is that people usually only contact customer service or file a complaint when they first notice an unauthorized seller violating MAP policies all along instead of finding proof that the seller violated Amazon seller policies or infringement.

Should I Ignore Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon?

You should never ignore these sellers and hope that it goes away on its own. The longer this continues, the more customers will be fooled into purchasing your products from unauthorized resellers instead of an authentic retailer like yourself. This not only hurts your brand but also causes a lot of confusion for the customer who is trying to purchase legitimate items online.

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