How to Handle Negative Product Reviews on Amazon Sunken Stone

How to Handle Negative Product Reviews on Amazon

By Published On: May 10th, 2019Categories: Review Management

As Amazon sellers, we strive to deliver great customer service and products to our customers. However, sometimes a sale doesn’t always have a happy ending. Whether they’re warranted or not, negative product reviews are something that almost all Amazon sellers will have to deal with at one point or another.

Here, we look further into how sellers should respond to negative reviews on Amazon.


The first step in handling negative feedback on Amazon is to identify whether the reviewer has written their review as Customer Feedback or a Product Review. Customer Feedback covers things such as the packaging of a product, delivery, and the condition of the product or packaging upon arrival. Customer Feedback can also include a customer’s experience with a specific seller.

If a shopper has left a Product Review that sounds more like customer feedback, you can ask Amazon to remove the negative review.

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As a brand, you are responsible for handling and responding to certain customer feedback. Sellers should always take the time to respond to negative reviews.

Professional responses that do not have a condescending or defensive tone can go a long way to build buyer confidence. It can also help instill confidence in any wary buyers who are reading through negative reviews and may be on the fence about making a purchase.

Sellers should use the response comment to address a bad review and provide a method for the customer to reach out to you directly. Place a contact link inside the response and politely ask the customer to contact you in an effort to resolve the issue at hand.

Start with an Apology

Often times, a negative review can be completely unwarranted. Even if this the case, an Amazon seller should always respond with an apology. Public perception plays a large role in Amazon’s marketplace, and responding in a sympathetic manner can help your brand’s image across the platform.


Negative reviews can often point out certain issues that can be proactively fixed to prevent any future negative reviews. If customers express their frustrations about something that can be changed, this can become valuable knowledge when it comes to improving your product or service.

If a seller sees lower-star reviews that are all discussing the same issues, there may be an actual problem with the product, not the shopper.

Final Note

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