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How To Deal With Amazon Resellers

By Published On: May 1st, 2019Categories: Amazon Brand Protection

With over one million sellers and hundreds of millions of buyers, Amazon can serve as a lucrative marketplace for your brand. However, after launching a product on Amazon, many brands soon realize that there’s another seller reselling your brand’s products on Amazon as well. At first, you might be thinking “how can I stop Amazon resellers?” and “how can I prevent Amazon resellers?”. Amazon resellers are a common issue for brands, but thankfully, they can be stopped.

Here, we break down how you can stop Amazon resellers and prevent them from listing your product on Amazon ever again.

How We Deal With Amazon Resellers At Sunken Stone

Control Your Inventory Distribution

In the early stages of your brand’s growth, you may have developed relationships with distributors or wholesalers for your products. However, many distributors and wholesalers often sell the products they source through various channels, including Amazon.

Moving forward, include certain restrictions on all distributors and wholesalers on where they are able to sell your product. Your contract should include where your products may be sold, where they cannot be sold, and any legal consequences that can arise if the contract is violated.

Amazon SKUs and UPCs

If you’ve been dealing with resellers on Amazon, consider implementing Amazon-exclusive SKUs with a unique UPC. Only you will be able to manufacture this unique SKU. Therefore, only you would have a legitimate product to sell on Amazon.

If you need help with Amazon SKU’s, contact Sunken Stone today.

Monitor Resellers

If your Amazon reseller issue may be too big to handle, you should consider partnering with a Amazon reseller monitoring firm. These firms constantly watch known resellers of your product. They can also issue cease and desist letters on your behalf to the resellers. These firms are effective since they have the legal resources to work quickly and efficiently. They can also enforce MAP with Amazon.

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Get a Trademark

Having a United States trademark is a key to avoiding product counterfeiters (note: different than Amazon resellers). Amazon provides tools that are only usable if you have an active United States trademark on your product or brand. This can help get rid of sellers who are selling counterfeits of your brand’s products.

Competition on Amazon

It’s important to note that Amazon’s goal is to provide consumers with products that are not authentic, but also affordable. Because of this, Amazon does not actively discourage resellers from entering their marketplace, as long as that reseller has a legitimate product they acquired legally. Tools such as Amazon’s Brand Registry can help you with counterfeit sellers, but not resellers who are selling a legitimate product.

Final Note

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