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Grow Your Amazon Buy Box Percentage & Sell More [How To]

By Published On: November 8th, 2021Categories: Amazon Buy Box

What is Amazon Buy Box Percentage?

This is a metric that measures the rate with which a product shows up in the Amazon buy box. A higher buy box percentage means that a brand is winning the buy box more often and vice versa. It’s important for CPG brands selling on Amazon to monitor their buy box percentage and optimize it to their advantage.

There are many metrics that CPG brands selling on Amazon must keep a close eye on for success. One of those metrics is the Amazon buy box percentage. But what exactly is it and how can you grow your Amazon Buy Box percentage? 

The Amazon buy box percentage measures the rate with which a seller’s product makes a sale when a customer clicks the “Buy Now” button. In particular, you can find your Amazon buy box percentage report on Amazon Central, you’ll go to Business Reports, click on Reports and choose Business Reports


If a product detail page receives 200 visits and a specific seller’s buy box appears 100 times, then the percentage for that product listing is 50%.  

To emphasize, the Amazon buy box refers to the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button that appears on the right-hand side of an Amazon product detail page. Accordingly, this button allows customers to make a quick purchase, and that’s why CPG brands on Amazon highly covet it. 


The Amazon buy box percentage is an essential metric that brands should monitor continuously. A low value is more likely to translate to lower sales and vice versa. 

You can take action to maintain a good Buy Box value and maximize sales potential on Amazon.  

This definitive blog post will help CPG brands on Amazon to understand how the Buy Box percentage works and the best practices to increase the chances of winning this placement. 

Topics Covered:

  • Why It’s Important to Keep a Close Eye On the Amazon Buy Box Percentage 
  • How It Works 
  • Amazon Buy Box Percentage Myths 
  • How to Improve This Value and Sell More
  • How Sunken Stone Can Help CPG Brands with PPC Management

Keep reading to learn more about how you can optimize this metric to your advantage.

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Why It’s Important To Keep A Close Eye On The Amazon Buy Box Percentage 

With around 83% of all the sales on Amazon happening through the Buy Box, brands must monitor their Amazon buy box percentage and find ways to improve it. As we’ve already highlighted, this metric measures how often a product appears in the buy box. 

That means a product that shows up in the buy box more often is likely to sell more.

These are the benefits of monitoring this value:

Improve Your Metrics

A low buy box percentage is a possible indication that certain metrics are falling below the required threshold. On the other hand, having a high Amazon percentage means that your account performance is in good standing. Therefore, keeping tabs on this value allows you to evaluate your account performance metrics from time to time and take the best course of action. 

Set The Right Prices

Pricing is one of the factors that determine who wins the buy box on Amazon. If the pricing is not competitive, a brand’s chances of winning the buy box are quite limited. Monitoring your Amazon percentage can give you clues as to whether your pricing is right or not.

Identify Unauthorized Brand

It’s possible for brands to lose the buy box to unauthorized brands on Amazon who may use dishonest means to steal the buy box. A low Amazon buy box percentage does not necessarily mean incorrect pricing or poor account health. Sometimes it’s stolen by unscrupulous brands that cut corners to steal sales. Keeping track of this value can help you determine if you’re losing it to unauthorized brands and take immediate action.

Check out some of the tracking tools that Amazon CPG brands can use to monitor Amazon buy box percentage.

Optimize Inventory Management

Amazon takes into account stock availability in their Amazon buy box percentage formula. A brand’s percentage reduces when they run out of stock. Keeping an eye on your buy box values gives you an idea of how effective your inventory management practices are, allowing you to make the necessary improvements. You can leverage inventory management tools such as Sellbrite and Skubana to save time and effort.


How Buy Box Percentage Works

Amazon rotates the buy box between a few eligible brands based on several variables, including pricing, seller rating, fulfillment, sales history, and many more. Ultimately, all suitable brands split the buy box percentage. 

Let’s say there are ten brands with equal metrics competing for the buy box. In this case, each of the ten brands will share 10%. This means every brand will have the Amazon buy box show up on their product detail page for 10% of the day.

Amazon Buy Box Percentage Myths 

Amazon has never disclosed the exact metrics they use to award the coveted buy box. This has left many Amazon brands speculating about the criteria the buy box algorithm follows. 

Here are some myths to be aware of:

  • Selling products at the lowest price will increase Amazon buy box percentage – Offering the lowest prices does not guarantee winning the buy box. There are many other factors that influence winning the buy box. 
  • Some Brands Have Exclusive Access to The Buy Box–  There’s no such thing as some brands on Amazon having exclusive access to the buy box. Amazon keeps the buy box in rotation to keep the marketplace fair and competitive. Any brand can get the buy box provided they’re eligible, and they meet performance-based requirements.   
  • Brands Need to Turn On Buy Box Eligibility On Seller Central to Win the Buy Box– This is not correct because it is Amazon that decides whether a seller is eligible for the buy box or not. 

How To Grow Your Amazon Buy Box Percentage And Sell More

If you want to grow your Amazon buy box percentage, there are several steps you can take to increase sales. Here are the various steps you should take that will grow your Amazon buy box percentage without strenuous effort.

Method One To Grow Your Amazon Buy Box Percentage: Offer Competitive Pricing

Apart from eligibility and other factors, pricing is a critical factor determining how a brand wins the buy box on Amazon. There’s a misconception that the lowest price always wins the buy box, but that’s not the case.

Although Amazon considers pricing in determining who wins the buy box, offering the lowest prices does not guarantee to beat the buy box.

Keeping your prices lower than what other brands are offering will shrink your margins and make it hard to thrive in the marketplace. 

It’s advisable to offer competitive prices and maintain excellent performance metrics to increase your chances of winning the buy box more often.

Pro Tip: Use repricing software to optimize prices on Amazon and protect margins. These tools can also help brands to save time and effort.

Some of the reliable repricing tools for Amazon include Sellery, RepricerEpresse, and Bqool.  

Here’s a guide on how to enforce prices on Amazon.


Method Two: Use Amazon FBA To Fulfill Orders 

The Amazon algorithm considers a brand’s reliability in determining who wins the buy box. The algorithm tends to favor FBA brands because of guaranteed fast delivery, optimized inventory management, and efficient shipping protocols. 

If you want to increase the chances of having a higher Amazon buy box percentage, consider using Amazon FBA. However, that doesn’t mean brands that use FBM can’t win the buy box. It only means that FBM brands will have to put more effort and maintain excellent account performance to compete with FBA brands. 

Amazon Buy Box Percentage increases in the FBA Program

Check out the pros & cons of using FBA VS FBM on Amazon.

Seller-Fulfilled Prime brands also have higher chances of winning the Amazon buy box than those using FBM.  

Method Three: Meet Performance-Based Requirements

If you fulfill orders by yourself, you’ll have to meet performance-based requirements when it comes to product quality, shipping, and customer service. Amazon favors CPG brands whose accounts are in good standing in awarding the buy box. 

Poor metrics like late shipments, canceled orders, and negative feedback makes it difficult for brands to improve their buy box percentage. That’s why it’s essential for CPG brands always to be aware of their metrics and make efforts to improve them.  

Here are some of the minimum seller performance requirements to keep your eyes on: 

  • Keep order defect rate less than 1%
  • Late shipment rate should be less than 4% 
  • Ensure pre-fulfillment cancellation doesn’t exceed 2.5% 
  • Return dissatisfaction rate should not exceed 10% 

Suppose you fail to meet these targets and many others. In that case, your Amazon buy box percentage is more likely to reduce drastically. 

Method Four: Provide Exceptional Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service is one of Amazon’s core values, and they never compromise on it. For this reason, the Amazon algorithm seems to favor sellers with positive feedback in awarding the buy box. In detail, Amazon looks at customer reviews, response time, complaints, exchanges, and refunds to determine a seller’s eligibility for the Amazon buy box. 

To increase your Amazon buy box percentage, provide customers with high-quality products, respond to their questions promptly, and encourage them to leave reviews. 

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to keep up with customer service, it’s a good idea to use Amazon FBA. 

Method Five To Grow Your Amazon Buy Box Percentage: Optimize Inventory Management 

Stock availability is one element that most CPG brands on Amazon overlook when considering Buy Box percentage. To point out, Amazon keeps an eye on your inventory levels on a routine basis. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your products are always in stock to avoid the risk of incurring negative reviews. 

Besides, Amazon’s buy box percentage formula favors brands that keep optimal stock levels. For instance, if you have ten units left and a competitor has 100 units, the other brand is more likely to win the buy box. 

It’s advisable to streamline inventory management practices to maintain the required inventory threshold. To keep inventory information up-to-date, you can leverage inventory management tools such as Forecast, Stitch Labs, and Sellics.   

Amazon Buy Box Inventory Management Tool

Method Six: Faster Shipping 

Amazon’s buy box formula takes into account a brand’s shipping time. Therefore, the faster the delivery, the more the chances of winning the buy box and achieving a higher buy box percentage. Whenever you have the capacity, you should consider shipping orders within two days.  

NOTE: This applies to FBM brands only because Amazon handles shipping for FBA brands.  

Generally, Amazon brands can increase their Amazon buy box percentage and maximize sales potential if they play by the rules. Whenever you want to improve your percentage, keep competitive prices, optimize inventory, maintain excellent account performance, and improve seller feedback rating.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Buy Box Percentage On Amazon?

There’s no definitive answer as to what Amazon considers a good buy box percentage. However, top brands could have 70% of the buy box, and other sellers could have 50%, and still consider it a good percentage for them. In contrast, anything below 20% is often a low/poor buy box percentage.

What Is Buy Box Price On Amazon?

Amazon brands do not pay a fee to win the buy box, but to be eligible to win the buy box, you must have a professional seller account which costs $39.99 per month.

What Is Buy Box Win Percentage?

This is a metric that measures how often a product appears in the Amazon buy box.

How Do I Increase My Buy Box Percentage?

Ensure you meet performance-based requirements, provide exceptional customer service, optimize inventory management, and speed up shipping. You can increase your buy box percentage by implementing measures that will help you win the buy box more often.

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