3 Amazon FBA Training Courses That Are Worth Sellers Time by Sunken Stone

3 Amazon Seller Training Courses That Are Worth Your Time

  • Robert Runyon
  • March 27, 2021

Why Should I Sell Products On Amazon?

The reason every seller should consider doing business on Amazon.com is obvious: By selling products on Amazon, you can reach a far larger customer base than found on any of the other e-commerce platforms, including eBay. Even more exciting is the fact that you can potentially make more money by doing less work!

The Amazon FBA landscape is flooded with “ultimate” amazon seller training courses on how to go “from $0 to $10M+” in less than a year. The truth is, building an Amazon brand takes work, and it’s a serious job.

While it’s very possible to make tons of money using the Amazon platform, it will still take a ton of strategic work. While an Amazon FBA course can show you exactly how to do what the experts did to achieve success, you still need to put in just as much effort to obtain the same type of results.

When looking for the best Amazon selling course, it’s essential to look for its faults. Finding the red flags through an online course search will help you narrow your list down to find the right course. You should avoid:

  • Amazon seller training courses that are long-format video or PowerPoints
  • Little ability to interact with other successful sellers or like-minded individuals
  • Websites that have grammatical issues, misspellings, or errors on their webpage
  • No refund or guarantee

Purchasing Amazon seller training courses is a great way to learn about a topic but can also take up a good chunk of your time. If you’re looking for professional Amazon marketing services, work with a premiere Amazon marketing Agency like Sunken Stone to ensure you have expert, hands-on help focused only on your brand. 

Sunken stone can help grow your seller’s account performance while teaching you the necessary knowledge you need to know to grow your business.

If you’re set on purchasing an online course, you will want to find a reputable online course that is backed or created by experts in the Amazon industry. You’re looking for valuable content, not light fluff.

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Why Go Through An Amazon Seller Training Course In 2021?

The internet is chock-full of valuable free resources that you can consume at your own pace, so why would you shell out money that you can invest in bringing up your brand instead? The simple answer is curation.

You can get things done a lot faster if you don’t have to manually search every page, validate the information on the page, or collect tiny bits and pieces to create your own “course.” Instead, rely on the power of experts who have already been through the research phase to provide you with the best, relevant information.

Using an Amazon seller training course is a professional take at running an Amazon business. You can be sure that the content is guided to bring your success and that the topics are worthy to learn about. Plus, like the top three Amazon seller training courses, we will speak about today, all are created with industry experts who want your business to succeed.

3 Amazon Seller Training Courses That Offer Immense Training ROI

When you first start a course, you’re committing hours and hours of your time to something you still don’t fully know whether you need it or not… So how do you make sure you do?

First, only look to reputable sources to find a course. To do this, you want to know who created or owns the course. Do they have knowledge of the Amazon selling industry? Have they started successful businesses on Amazon before?

If you find out that your course was created by someone who has no real experience, or limited success, spend your time and money somewhere else.

It can feel overwhelming to find the perfect Amazon seller training courses to take. However, we’ve done the hard part for you and curated our top three suggestions you should consider if you want to find the best Amazon selling course.

Amazon FBA Course #1: Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine is an expert-packed Amazon FBA Training Course with a wide range of helpful information. While other Amazon seller training courses only focus on one section of selling, Amazing Selling Machine offers a total overview and comprehensive education, so you can feel confident to grow your business the right way.

The course is prepared with multiple components that are jam-packed with expert knowledge and solutions, including:

  • 9-Module Online Web Class: Each module contains 14-21 lessons and is designed to build on the knowledge you’ve learned in previous videos. It lays out the groundwork to get your business headed towards success while allowing you the flexibility to watch at any time from your home. The best part? The course is taught by three experts who have built a successful business from using the Amazing Selling Machine. It teaches you everything from creating product lists, finding suppliers, ordering, to building your brand assets and creating the perfect product page.
  • ASM Mentor Program: The ASM mentor program is a gathering of successful Amazon sellers who want to help you build your brand and business. You’ll have around-the-clock access to the group to ask your important questions.
  • Resource Vault: Over 1,000 programs are offered to businesses, from product and evaluation templates to top Amazon sellers’ professional services.

Customers LOVE this course! Members rave about how the resources helped to jump-start their business and help them achieve not only business goals but life goals.

Nate McHenry, a super-fan of Amazing Selling Machine, explains, “My wife and I have four awesome kids, and we love hanging out with them. We just got to take an adventure in Maui together, which was super fun. And all of that is because of what ASM has provided. Love the opportunities to live a lifestyle of freedom, and to be able to do some things we value and appreciate.”

Amazing Selling Machine is so confident in their program’s success that they offer a 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee. If any customer decides that the program is not suitable for them, they can receive a complete refund. It’s a low-risk opportunity to boost your overall knowledge. Pro tip: If you need help with your products now or don’t have the time to dive into a lengthy course, look to optimize your Amazon seller account with our top SEO tips.

Amazon FBA Course #2: MarketPlace SuperHeroes

If you’re looking for a well-put-together Amazon course that doesn’t break the budget, MarketPlace SuperHeroes is your perfect option. While they teach about all topics related to selling on Amazon, they specifically focus on product sourcing and how essential this is to ensure your product becomes successful.

Marketplace SuperHeroes covers multiple ways to help elevate your brand, including marketing strategy. (Pro Tip: If you’re having issues in this realm, check out our blog post on Amazon seller marketing strategies to help you sell more)

This course’s difference is that they focus on cutting-edge solutions and technology to solve your Amazon selling problems. The course will teach you the exact processes, going into step-by-step details so you can replicate their own success.

The course, better known as the MarketPlace SuperHeroes Core System 2.0, includes:

  • Over 40 training videos that talk through each step of the process. It allows you to easily replicate the things they’ve done to become successful, instead of giving a simple, broad overlook of selling on Amazon
  • Exclusive online community with 5,000 members and access to discounts, case studies, and boot camp videos
  • Inexpensive, high-quality content. The course is currently ranging under $1,000, which is an incredible steal for the information provided.

Customers are quick to leave a good review for Amazon seller training courses like MarketPlace SuperHeroes. Jaya Patel, a satisfied customer, explains, “The course goes into so much detail. It covers topics that I didn’t even know were needed to sell on Amazon. As someone who is new to this, it gives me the confidence to believe in the products and the process.

The program is honestly worth so much more than it costs (and I’m only halfway through)! The support is also excellent. I’ve had my questions answered in a matter of minutes and in detail.

The team at MPSH really takes the time to make sure any of your concerns are addressed so you can build your business confidently! Loving the program so far. Thank you so much, Stephen, Robert, and to the team at MPSH!”

Learning how to sell through Amazon FBA will help you get the work done on your account through a step-by-step action-based program. Instead of talking the talk, you’ll be putting your learning into action. MarketPlace SuperHeroes helps to provide actionable help to Amazon sellers without putting a significant strain on their bank account.

Amazon FBA Course #3: Proven Amazon Course 2.0

The Proven Amazon Course 2.0 has been around since late 2009 and is still considered to be one of the best Amazon seller training courses on the market, especially for new sellers. It offers a variety of webinars, videos, and PDFs to teach different products.

The creator of the course, Jim Cockrum, is consistently updating the course to improve support staff and add new relevant material, as Amazon is constantly changing its policies or implementing additional technology.

The Amazon seller training course follows a particular outline, highlighting the three categories that every seller on Amazon needs to know much about, including Listing, Shipping, and Buying/Sourcing. (Pro Tip: Need some help now? Check out our article on Amazon Listing Optimization that has helped thousands become more profitable and consistent.)

Each module contains how-to information, along with a deep insight into each section to ensure you’ll feel confident moving forward with your Amazon seller account. The insight is brought from industry experts to ensure you’re not receiving bogus information. Plus, you can get started with the program and only pay as little as $29 a month!

Are you not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? Contact their support team within 30 days, and you’ll receive a complete refund. As customers like Roger Parker say, “I’m able to work on my Amazon seller account part-time and receive better results than I’ve ever received before. I’m confident that my listings will stand out from the competition and create even more success for my business.”

Maximizing Your Investment In Amazon Education

Due to its rich ecosystem and continuously changing environment, many useful resources are offered by Amazon themselves. To keep up to date, you’ll want to check out Amazon’s online University, otherwise known as Seller University. Amazon offers loads of free training videos to help you learn how to properly sell on amazon, master the fundamental tools, learn about the advantages of advertising, and understand product rules.

All of these videos and information are important for you to know, especially when they’re rolling out a new procedure or process. While it will teach you many necessary components of selling on Amazon, you may be suckered into paying for a service you don’t need. Remember, Amazon is a business and wants to make more money.

For example, while Amazon might talk about the benefits of paying for a promotion, other online resources will provide seller tools to help you naturally grow in rank. This is because Amazon wants you to pay them money, not learn how to do it without their help.

Your FBA Journey is Just Getting Started

Building a brand on Amazon was never easy, but with the marketplace becoming more and more of a staple, sellers like you are bound to face severe challenges in the coming years. Amazon is constantly rolling out new guidelines to combat platform problems and introducing new ways to sell to make their platform more efficient. It’s essential to dedicate yourself to continuous learning on the Amazon platform.

Here at Sunken Stone, we know how important it is to keep current with industry trends and lifelong learning, as it can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available. Instead, enjoy how easily available learning is right at your own fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Read Amazon FBA Course Reviews?

The easiest way to find Amazon FBA course reviews is to search directly through a social media page. Often, businesses cannot delete reviews from platforms like Facebook. While you can visit the course’s website to find reviews, you’ll typically only see the five-star reviews posted because they want to sell you their product.

What Are The Best Amazon Training Course?

While there are hundreds of courses available on the marketplace, few will make a significant impact on your life and teach you the proper strategies you need to know. Our top picks include the Amazing Selling Machine, MarketPlace SuperHeroes, and the Proven Amazon Course 2.0.

How Do I Avoid A Bad Amazon FBA Course?

Amazon seller training courses must be evaluated to ensure they’re a legitimate course to spend your hard-earned cash on. First, make sure to check the credentials of the creators of the course. If they have the expertise, have run a successful Amazon business, or enlist the help of very well-known experts, then you should trust them for your business.

However, if you’re not able to find this type of information, or there is no legitimate backing to the course you’re looking at, it’s recommended to move on to find a better-suited course. Remember, there are plenty of options available, so it’s good to narrow the ones you don’t like to make room for the ones you want to take.

Are Amazon FBA Courses A Scam?

No! There are tons of legitimate, helpful class resources that are not a scam. Instead, they provide you with the knowledge and expertise to successfully run your own Amazon business.

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