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Your Ultimate Amazon PPC Strategy Template [Google Docs]

  • Robert Runyon
  • October 11, 2021

What is an Amazon PPC Strategy?

This is an advertising tactic that Amazon brands use to run successful PPC campaigns on the platform.

One of the secrets to succeeding on Amazon is running an effective Amazon PPC strategy. If you’re considering implementing an Amazon PPC strategy, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this Amazon PPC strategy template, we will discuss why it’s important to run Amazon Sponsored Ads and how to set up an effective Amazon PPC strategy.


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Defining The Strategy and Amazon PPC Campaign Structure

Running an effective Amazon PPC campaign starts with understanding what you want to achieve. This will help you define your PPC campaign structure and the key performance indicators for measuring success.

Why Should I Use Amazon Sponsored Ads?

These ads will help you drive quality traffic to your product listings, thereby improving your organic rankings. Also, Amazon Sponsored Ads increase product discoverability, lead to a higher conversion rate, and complement Amazon SEO.  

#1. Basics

Before you get started with Amazon PPC strategy, it’s important to understand the basics of Amazon Sponsored Products.

#2. Terminology

If you are new to Amazon PPC, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with Amazon PPC terminologies such as keyword match types, negative keywords, CPC optimization, and search terms. 

#3. Automatic Vs Manual Campaigns

In automatic campaigns, Amazon chooses which keywords to target on your ad while manual campaigns give you more control. You’ll have to choose the campaign strategy that aligns with your goals. 

#4. How to Group Products

There are two ways you can group your products. You can choose to group products by ASIN to gain more control over targeting, Amazon CPCs, and budget. Alternatively, you can group products by keywords or profit margin.  

#5. Keyword Research

It’s a good idea to perform in-depth keyword research to find the best keywords for your ads. Be sure to use keyword tools to enhance your Amazon SEO strategy. 

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Campaign Setup

Here are the three ways you can set up your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Automatic Campaign

This strategy involves letting Amazon run ads on your behalf. 

Manual Campaign (Broad, Exact and ASIN Targeting)

This campaign strategy allows advertisers to target broad, exact, and ASIN match types.

Manual Campaign (Category Targeting)

This type of campaign entails manually targeting your own product categories on Amazon. 

Summary: Setup

Setting up Amazon PPC campaigns can be quite confusing for beginners. If you need help with setting up your Amazon PPC ads, get in touch with Sunken Stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Amazon PPC Bidding Strategies Do You Use?

Some of the best Amazon PPC bidding strategies include using negative keywords, lowering bids on low-performing keywords, and using highly relevant keywords.

What Is Amazon PPC Strategy? 

This is a well-defined plan for running successful PPC campaigns on Amazon. 

How Can I Improve My Amazon PPC?

The best way to improve Amazon PPC is to familiarize yourself with the basics of Amazon PPC and implement the best strategies. 

How Many Keywords Does Amazon PPC Have?

Ideally, an ad group should have between 35 and 60 keywords. 

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