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Amazon Flat File Template Downloads For Best Sellers In ’22

By Published On: February 22nd, 2022Categories: Amazon Product Listing

Can you use Amazon flat files to change product titles?

Professional Amazon Sellers often use flat files to update listing information. With this assortment of Amazon flat file template download files, you can bulk create or modify product listing data.

However, there are better alternatives for adding product listings without worrying about errors with uploading listings in bulk.

Please continue reading to find an Amazon flat file template download and discover how to use flat files to create and update titles, product descriptions, and photos.

Flat files are a great way to make several changes to your Amazon inventory. But before you start uploading and updating Amazon product listings in bulk, you’ll need an Amazon flat file template download. Amazon won’t understand how to read and update your product data without one.

This post explains everything Amazon Merchants should know about updating your listings using a flat file. And before you finish reading, you’ll also understand how programs like Flat File Pro speed up processes of changing product titles, descriptions, images, and even A+ content.

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How To Download Amazon Flat File Templates

How To Download Amazon Flat File Templates

We will provide an Amazon flat file template download soon. But first, did you know that Amazon frequently updates its flat file template requirements? Unfortunately, Amazon Sellers must also update their flat files whenever flat file updates occur, which is a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, software like Flat File Pro makes it easy to backup, restore, and update your product data. Here are the Amazon flat file template downloads (and instructions on downloading the latest version in Seller Central.)

Amazon Flat File Template Download

Amazon Flat File Template Download

The Amazon flat file template download helps Amazon Sellers update product data in bulk. You can add new products and update existing listings with various Amazon flat file templates. Go ahead and click the Amazon Flat File Template Download, which works best for you:

Inventory Loader

Shipping Overrides

Adjustments Template

Price & Quantity Loader

The ones available on Seller Central you can generate yourself, using your existing product data. After downloading files with your current data, make changes to your product listings directly from the Excel spreadsheet.

Now that you have the template files and know where to create your templates in Seller Central, let’s discuss what each one does.

Afterward, we’ll discuss how to upload your inventory files and how software like Flat File Pro makes it easier for Amazon Sellers to backup, bulk edit, and restore product listings.

What Types Of Flat Files Are Available To Amazon Sellers?

What Types Of Flat Files Are Available To Amazon Sellers

There are many Amazon Flat File Template downloads available to Amazon sellers. You can use Amazon Seller Central templates or another third-party platform to bulk update Amazon product listings.

To access the Amazon Seller Central templates, hover over the “Inventory” tab and select “Add Products via Upload.” Next, click the “Download an Inventory File” tab.

Choose the types of products you want to sell from the available list, then click the “Select” button to add the product type to your upload template.

After choosing your product categories, you’ll then need to select the type of template you want to download. You have three options:

Lite Templates

The lite template includes only the essential attributes for Amazon product listings. Lite templates are the most straightforward tools for adding details since you don’t have to provide as much information.

Depending on how detailed you want your product listings, this may be a positive or negative feature. This template could benefit new merchants who only want to provide basic information about product listings. 

However, Amazon product listings are more competitive if they use enhanced descriptions and images. Amazon rewards merchants who offer a complete listing with better search placement.

Thus, unless you want to provide simple information, it might be best to go with an advanced or custom template.

Advanced Templates

The standard Amazon flat file template download is more comprehensive than the lite version. In addition to the essential Amazon listing information, you can add details about your Amazon product listings, including specific item variations and descriptions.

Use this template to include the necessary, preferred, and optional attribute groups. Using an advanced template allows you to offer more information about your products and contains every possible attribute you could use for the listing.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates are excellent for Amazon Merchants looking to provide the most up-to-date Amazon product listings. These templates are tailored to your specific needs and can be used to list products in any Amazon category.

The downside of using custom templates is that you need to be familiar with Amazon Flat File Template syntax to generate the template correctly. If you do not include Amazon-specific keywords and formatting, Amazon will reject your Amazon product listings.

Using a custom template allows you to choose which attribute groups you include rather than having the program select options for you.

A custom Amazon flat file template download is only for experienced Amazon sellers. Thus, use it with caution. Otherwise, there’s a risk that Amazon will not upload your product listings correctly.

Which Inventory Flat File Templates Should You Use?

Inventory templates let you upload thousands of listings in a file for matching against existing products on Amazon. Keep your inventory up-to-date, change inventory quantities for unavailable products, purge and replace all listings, etc.

Having an Amazon flat file template download can be extremely helpful when updating Amazon product listings.

However, it is essential to know which type of inventory flat files you need before choosing a template. The Amazon flat file template download you use should correspond with the product information you would like to update.

Let’s cover all the types of flat file templates so that you understand what works best for your business.

Inventory Templates For Product Categories

Inventory Templates For Product Categories

Inventory templates for product categories have several use cases. Amazon Sellers can use an Amazon flat file template download for product categories to achieve the following:

  1. Create New Product Pages.
  2. Update Inventory Prices Or Quantities.
  3. Update Listing Data.
  4. Change Media Product Shipping Options.

If this is a suitable inventory file for your business, start by clicking on the Amazon flat file template download for product categories. Next, add product data to your inventory file.

Once your inventory list is ready, upload your Amazon flat file template download file. After uploading the file, you can use Amazon’s Check My File to ensure that your Amazon flat file template download worked correctly.

If these steps of uploading an inventory template sound foreign—don’t worry! We will explain the details of editing an Amazon flat file template download and include a step-by-step guide on uploading flat files in an upcoming section. For now, let’s continue discussing inventory flat file types.

Inventory Loader Template

This template includes all the necessary fields for Amazon product listing updates

With the Amazon flat file template download – inventory loader template, you can update existing listings and product pages.

This template includes all the necessary fields for Amazon product listing updates, including SKUs, titles, descriptions, and images. With an inventory loader template, you don’t input complete data for every listing. Instead, you select which fields you want to update and only input that in your form.

Low information requirements make the process of updating Amazon Inventory Loader Templates easy. Start by clicking on the Amazon Flat File Template Download – Inventory Loader file and save it to your computer.

Next, follow these tips while building your text-based Amazon catalog inventory file template:

  • Add product data to your inventory file.
  • Upload your inventory loader Amazon flat file template download file to Seller Central.
  • Finally, use Amazon’s Check My File to double-check the Excel sheet.

The most time-consuming part is adding inventory to your inventory loader template. You will need to enter each item manually into the template. Depending on how many items you are trying to add, this process may take some time, but it will save time from doing things manually!

Price & Quantity Template

Price Quantity Template

The Price & Quantity template is another text-based Amazon flat file template. Use this template to update your product prices and quantities.

Since you only need to input price and quantity data into this template, it isn’t for creating new listings. Instead, you update the price or quantity fields of existing Amazon inventory.

A price and quantity template doesn’t have to supply as much information to change prices and quantities.

The larger inventory files like the Amazon flat file template download for inventory loading can change prices and quantities too. Yet, this inventory file type contains additional required fields. And of course, the more required fields, the longer the flat file takes to fill out.

Shipping Override Template

Shipping Override Template

The Shipping Override Template is helpful for amazon sellers who want to change Amazon shipping settings for a group of products.

This template includes the necessary fields for updating inventory shipping settings, including weight, dimensions, and Amazon Prime eligibility.

Use it only if you want to change shipping rates for existing products. You’ll need a more significant Amazon flat file template download for other shipping tasks, such as an inventory template for product categories or an adjustments template.

Adjustments Template

Adjustments Template

The Amazon flat file template download for adjustments is how Amazon sellers initiate partial or full refunds to Amazon customers.

Of course, you can already initiate partial and full refunds in Amazon Seller Central. However, it’s much easier to do in bulk using an adjustments template. Amazon returns funds to the buyer’s original form of payment.

Thus, our Amazon flat file template download is convenient for sellers that want to give refunds to dozens or even hundreds of people at once. Just as with all the other available templates, the process remains the same:

  1. Begin With Your Amazon Flat File Template Download.
  2. Add Product Data To Your Flat File.
  3. Use The Check My File Tool To Correct Any Listing Errors.

With that said, you now understand the different types of flat files. Next, let’s break down the process of adding flat files to Amazon. Afterward, we’ll explain how our newest solution, Flat File Pro, makes uploading and changing product listings using flat files incredibly simple.

How To Update Product Listings Using A Flat File

What’s the process of updating product listings with a flat file, you ask? Here’s a step-by-step guide that outlines every process involving flat files.

Let’s say that you would like to update a product listing using a flat file. How could you change one hundred product titles after a rebranding, for example? Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining how to update product listings using any of the appropriate Amazon flat file template downloads.

And if you think flat files are complex and time-consuming, then Flat File Pro will save you plenty of time and hassle. Be sure to read how Flat File Pro works in an upcoming section.

Select The Correct Amazon Flat File Template Download

There are several Amazon flat file template download options to select from, so you need to choose one that matches your needs. Although you can update listings using an Inventory Loader Amazon flat file template download, sometimes it isn’t ideal. Some templates are suitable for specific tasks, so it’s crucial to understand how each template works.

Here are the use cases for each flat file template to know which one (or several) to download: 

Amazon Flat File Template Download TypeUse Case
Inventory Template For Product CategoriesUse this to create new listings. It’s the ideal template when you want to create pages that do not exist on Amazon. You must have complete product information to use this template.
Inventory Template For Product CategoriesYou can also use this template to update product prices or quantities of non-media items. You can override the need to provide complete listing data using the PartialUpdate feature.
Inventory Template For Product CategoriesUpdate media product shipping options of individual listings or batches with this template.
Inventory Template For Product Categories, Listing Loader, or Inventory LoaderMake an inventory update using this Amazon flat file template download type. Most sellers who use flat files to update listing data use inventory loader templates.
Inventory Loader TemplateWhen product pages exist on Amazon, you don’t want to change the entire listing. You can make partial updates using an Amazon flat file template download inventory loader.
Price And Quantity TemplateUse this template when you want to update only the price and quantity information of existing product listings.
Price And Quantity TemplateIf you want to change modifications to your inventory shipping options and want to save time, use this template. It’s more convenient than larger inventory files like the inventory loader, where you must supply more data.
Shipping Override TemplateThis template is ideal for changing shipping rates for specific products. Let’s say that shipping costs go up on medium-sized packages. You can adjust all the shipping prices for a category or individual products using the Amazon flat file template download shipping override.
Adjustments TemplateUpload this template whenever you want to initiate full or partial returns on products. The credit card return goes back to your buyer’s original purchase form.

Add Product Information To Your Flat File Template Download

After downloading the appropriate inventory file template for your business, you can start adding products. Amazon uses this data to list and sell your products in its online store.

Before adding product data into your inventory file:

  • See whether Amazon requires you to enter mandatory field information for your inventory template. Each template has a Data Definitions tab, where you’ll find values to use in compulsory fields.
  • Consider inputting optional fields and the ones Amazon suggests. The more information you enter into your product listings, the more accurate and relevant it becomes.
  • Work on those product images. Everyone appreciates quality product photography, so be sure to add them to your product listings. You should also consider adding additional pictures to highlight special features.
  • Make sure you optimize listings with the right keywords for your products. Locating and using keywords and phrases is critical for every seller! You can add keywords to inventory files.

Inventory files are text documents that are simple (yet time-consuming) to create. After inputting your SKUs and updated product info, it’s time to upload the Amazon flat file template download on Seller Central.

Monitor The Upload Status

Monitor The Upload Status

After uploading your inventory files, it’s time to double-check that they uploaded correctly. On Seller Central, click the “Manage” button next to the “Uploads” tab. The uploads tab will open up your upload history.

If you see a red exclamation point next to the name of your inventory file, it means that something went wrong during the upload process. Check out the error message and fix the problem.

If everything looks good, you can close the window. You have to wait until Amazon processes the new inventory file. It doesn’t take long at all, but in the meantime, you can make sure there are no errors in your document.

Correct Any Amazon Flat File Template Download Errors

Correct Any Amazon Flat File Template Download Errors

If there are any errors with your Amazon Flat File Template, it is important to correct them as soon as possible. Amazon provides an easy-to-use Check My File error report tool that will show you the errors in your template.

After fixing those issues, upload your new template to Amazon Seller Central. You should see the changes reflected on the next page load. Congratulations, you now know the process of uploading an Amazon flat file template download to create or change listing information!

As you can tell, adding or updating products to Amazon is quite a process, even for experienced teams. Yet, an even better Amazon listing creation and editing solution is available that makes it easier to update listings in bulk—Flat File Pro.

You can skip the flat file template download process altogether and stop worrying about listing errors and inputting product data into Excel sheets.

Why Should Amazon Sellers Use Flat File Pro Instead?

Flat File Pro Is Amazon Listing Software That Allows Nightly Backups 1 Click Restores User Permissions 2

You’re spending too much time on data entry, and it’s prone to error. It would be best to have a better way to manage your product listings.

The traditional way of managing your product listings is slow, tedious, and error-prone through data entry in a spreadsheet. It can take hours to make just a few changes.

If you’re like most sellers, you spend hours upon hours inputting product data into a spreadsheet. And if you’re not careful, one wrong entry can mean hours of wasted time retyping everything again.

Flat File Pro is the solution to your data entry woes. This powerful import tool makes it possible to quickly and easily make bulk changes to your Amazon listings.

With Flat File Pro, you’ll never have to worry about making mistakes when inputting product data again! It’s there for you, making your life easier to focus on what’s important – selling products and making money.

Here are several ways to use Flat File Pro to make title, product description, and image changes:

Add Product Listings To Amazon In Bulk

Uploading a flat file to Amazon was the best way to add product listings in bulk. Now, Flat File Pro edits listing data and brand asset metadata that Amazon’s A9 / A10 algorithm loves. You can edit an individual listing or make sweeping changes in bulk—the choice is yours.

You can even use our powerful filters to target specific products or SKUs to make text-backups. These Amazon bulk listing editor tools make it easy to create and update product listings in minutes quickly.

Don’t Worry About Amazon Flat File Template Download Changes

Amazon requires Sellers to change their flat files to comply with their ever-changing rules. However, with Flat File Pro, you don’t need to worry about making changes to your template—we take care of that for you!

We make sure that your listings follow the latest Amazon requirements, so you can stay compliant and focused on what’s important, selling products. Don’t waste time downloading and completing new fields on Excel spreadsheets.

Change Every Aspect Of A Product Listing

Change Every Aspect Of A Product Listing

Flat File Pro edits and changes every aspect of a product listing. Stop worrying about which Amazon flat file template download you need to find in Seller Central, and increase efficiency within your organization using Flat File Pro.

You can edit the title and description and adjust the bullet points and images. You’ll also be able to change pricing information from Flat File Pro’s dashboard.

Anything you can do in a traditional flat file, you can also do in Flat File Pro. Yet, Flat File Pro is a lot more user-friendly, and it saves your team from spending hundreds of hours updating flat files.

Save Time By Making Inventory Changes Using One Spreadsheet

Stop wasting time deciding whether the Inventory Loader or the Price Adjustments Amazon flat file template download is the right way to change your product listings.

Flat File Pro reduces the need to use multiple spreadsheets to organize listing data. We maintain a database with your latest flat files where you can easily update, remove, and add products.

This way, you can save time by making inventory changes in one place without going through the hassle of data entry and file organization. Plus, you can quickly revert to previous versions if necessary.

Prevent Outdated Listing Information From Affecting Sales

If you don’t update your product listings regularly, they’ll become outdated and no longer reflect the latest information. Outdated listings typically lead to decreased sales and lost revenue.

Flat File Pro helps you avoid obsolete listings. It provides an easy way to edit listings. Plus, it ensures that your products are up-to-date and compliant with Amazon’s latest requirements.

Make 100 title changes easily, revert to pre-sale listing photos, or update an individual listing. With Flat File Pro, you’ll have the power and the time to make changes to your product listings as necessary.

Reduce The Time You Spend Creating Amazon Support Cases

Reduce The Time You Spend Creating Amazon Support

No one likes creating Amazon support tickets and dealing with the hassle that comes with them. However, sometimes it’s necessary to get the help you need from Amazon when you’re using flat files.

With Flat File Pro, you can avoid flat file support cases that take days to resolve. We check that each listing is valid and prevent complex errors that only Amazon support can fix.

Protect Your Data From Listing Hijackers

Unfortunately, some individuals would love to gain access to your product listings. They can do this by hijacking your product listings and changing the information to reflect their products.

A hijacked listing can lead to lost sales, more Amazon support issues, and wasted time. With Flat File Pro, you can protect your data from listing hijackers by setting up access control to your account. This way, only legitimate users will be able to make changes.

Plus, if anyone does gain access to your listings or Amazon account, you’ll be able to revert your listings to prevent any adverse effects on your business.

Protect Your Data From Fraudsters And Other Digital Threats

Using Flat File Pro, you can protect your data from fraudsters and other digital threats. We take security seriously, and our account access control feature will help you keep your data safe from unauthorized users.

We also have a team of experts who constantly monitor digital threats and other potential problems. If anything happens, we’ll be there to help you resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, Flat File Pro provides several benefits that can help you save time and money.

In Conclusion: Use This Amazon Flat File Template Download

An Amazon Flat File Template Download is handy for sellers who want to update their products in bulk. These templates help sellers upload multiple listings simultaneously instead of adding products manually, which is a longer process.

If you’re looking to save time on product listing creation and editing, Flat File Pro is your solution. And if it doesn’t work for you after a 14-day free trial, you can always come back to this page, where we’ll always have Amazon flat file template downloads available to your team!

What Happens If You Lose All Of Your Amazon Product Data?

Flat File Pro protects your Amazon business against data loss from human error, fraudsters, and other digital threats.

You can use this Amazon listing software to backup & restore your listing data and never worry about losing it again. Click the image below and sign up for your free trial of Flat File Pro!

Take Advantage Of The Ultimate Amazon Listing Software Flat File Pro

How do I download Amazon flat files?

You can download Amazon flat files at the beginning of this blog post. There are several to choose from, so be sure you know how each one works before attempting to change your inventory files. Fortunately, this guide explains how to use flat files to make Amazon product changes.

What is Amazon inventory template?

An Amazon inventory template is a file that contains the necessary information for your products, including item names and descriptions. It also includes additional details about each product, such as price variations, quantities available, etc. Flat Files allow you to manage listings while updating them in bulk if necessary.

What is a Amazon flat file?

An Amazon flat file is a comma-separated values (CSV) file that you can use to upload, update, or delete your Amazon product listings. This type of file is easy to create and edit in a text editor such as Microsoft Excel. All you need is the information for each product in one column, with no additional formatting required.

How do I upload a template to Amazon?

You can upload your inventory template to Amazon by logging into your Seller Central and visiting the “Inventory” page. Next, you’ll upload your inventory file template and double-check for errors with incorrect flat file data.

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