Here Are 7 Tracking Tools To Monitor Amazon’s Buy Boxes

Who Gets The Buy Box On Amazon?

Those who get the buy box on Amazon are professional sellers who have met Amazon’s performance-based requirements.

When everything goes well with the buy box, Amazon is a beautiful place to be listed on, but when resellers claim your spot, monitoring can literally save you $1Ks in revenue.

Everyday hijackers on Amazon are trying to steal the Buy Box from deserving sellers. Apart from stealing your sales, the bad actors on Amazon can ruin your brand and bring down your business.

So, it’s in your best interest as a seller to conduct Amazon Buy Box monitoring continuously.

Amazon buy box

Buy Box monitoring enables you to know who is winning the buy box so that you can track your competitors and discover their pricing strategy. It will also help you identify unauthorized sellers before they bring down your brand. Through monitoring Amazon’s buy boxes, you’ll be able to stay in control of order management and inventory. Generally, Amazon Buy Box monitoring will help you stay in control of your brand and ward off the actions of hijackers.

There are different ways hijackers can steal buy boxes from you:

  1. Undercutting your price—A third-party seller can offer your products at a lower price and conquer the Buy Box.
  2. Product listing hijacking—Bad actors can sell a counterfeit version of your product and use unethical practices to drive you out of the buy box.
  3. You can also lose the buy box to third party sellers if you are unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner.
amazon buy box monitoring prevents amazon hijackers from stealing it

Why Buy Box Monitoring on Amazon Is So Important 

You’ve worked hard to get your product up at its retail price and necessary distribution, only to find out that someone else has claimed the buy box. With sellers flooding the Amazon marketplace, the competition is becoming ruthless and some sellers tend to use unethical ways to steal the buy box from deserving sellers. Brands that don’t conduct buy box monitoring always find themselves losing control on Amazon.

However, some brands have been able to prevent hijackers from stealing the buy box by enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry and offering smart pricing. Brands have also managed to handle this problem by leveraging various Amazon buy box trackers to protect their businesses from hijackers.

Generally, Amazon buy box monitoring will help you increase your chances of winning the buy box.  

Monitor Competitor Pricing Against Yours

Are competitors trying to cut you short on price? With buy box monitoring, you can easily see and compare all available prices for your product. The insights will help you adjust your product prices accordingly to increase your probability of winning the buy box.

prevent unauthorized sellers from stealing the buy box

Catch Third-Party Sellers “Stealing” Your Buy Boxes

Unauthorized sellers continuously find ways to “steal” the buy box, leading to brand (and revenue) damage. To fix this problem, you must use reliable tracking tools to monitor the activities of third-party sellers.

A buy box monitoring tool will notify you when new sellers join your listing and as soon as Amazon makes a change to your listing. Your listings are monitored 24/7/365, helping you to detect unauthorized buyers.

Buy box monitoring tools are helpful but only if you understand the why behind tracking your prices. Make sure you keep track of competitors and resellers or your brand will suffer. 

7 Tools To Monitor Buy Boxes On Amazon 

On Amazon, you can track pretty much any buy box. This is particularly useful on your own buy boxes as well as competitors’ to create a leveled playing field. While third-party monitoring tools are helpful, they are only a part of the solution. You’ll need to keep a close eye with internal sheets as well. It’s a good idea to have your in-house team monitor all aspects of your brand to detect any hijacking activities and put them to a stop before they ruin your brand reputation.

The following are 7 tracking tools to monitor Amazon’s buy boxes:

Monitoring Tool 1: AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is an advanced Amazon seller software that enables you to monitor changes on the buy box for any products listed on Amazon. This tool will alert you when an authorized seller or competitor tries to hijack your listing.

It also alerts you when customers leave negative reviews, allowing you to reach out to them for the best chance of raising the rating. This tool can also be used to analyze your competitor’s listing and their sales so that you can fine-tune your strategies to increase your chances of winning the buy box.

AMZ Buy Box Amazon Buy Box Tracker

Monitoring Tool 2: DataHawk

DataHawk is an innovative buy box monitoring tool that provides users with data-driven insights on buy box share and pricing trends. This tool allows you to track buy box winners, their pricing strategies, changes in buy box number of sellers, buy box win rates per seller, and level of competition. 

DataHawk Amazon Buy Box Tracker

Monitoring Tool 3: AMZShark

AMZShark is a remarkable software tool that allows Amazon sellers to monitor the buy box on their listings and get alerts in case of any hijacking activity. It also comes with a sales tracker, review alerts, and competition analysis, all of which can help you dominate the buy box.

AMZ Shark Amazon Buy Box Tracker.

Monitoring Tool 4: Bindwise

Bindwise allows Amazon sellers to monitor buy box status, listing issues, ASIN changes, and any hijacking activity. With this buy box monitoring tool, you’ll gain data-driven insights to protect your brand from hijackers and counterfeiters in the Amazon marketplace. 

Bindwise Amazon Buy Box Tracker

Monitoring Tool 5: AMZAlert

AMZAlert leverages smart automation technology to keep you updated on buy box changes.  It also gives you a wide range of alerts, including Amazon product listing alerts, sales/marketing alerts, and review alerts to help you protect your brand from hijackers. 

AMZ Alert Amazon Buy Box Tracker

Monitoring Tool 6: Make My Jungle

This is a powerful buy box monitoring tool that gives you alerts whenever a bad actor captures your buy box spot or tries to hijack your product listing.

Make My Jungle Buy Box Tracker

Monitoring Tool 7: Helium 10 Hijacker Alert

Helium 10 Hijacker Alert constantly monitors your product listing and gives you alerts of any potential hijacking activities. It also continually monitors the buy box status to help you know who wins the buy box and their pricing strategies.

Set Up Alerts To Monitor Amazon Buy Boxes

With so many variables changing on a daily basis, monitoring the buy boxes that matter to your brand on Amazon is a valuable tactic to prevent brand damage and revenue loss.

Monitoring Buy Boxes Is All About Protecting Your Brand On Amazon

Brands on Amazon fight every day to protect their rights against an increasingly competitive landscape, and buy box monitoring is only one piece of the puzzle.

Amazon buy box monitoring is part of a larger brand protection strategy because there are many other ways bad actors on Amazon can break your brand and product reputation. For example, shady resellers could sell your products without your knowledge and offer inferior products; hence damaging your reputation.  

Here are some of the ways you can protect your Amazon brand:

  • Register with Amazon Brand Registry
  • Register your trademark
  • Use MAP pricing
  • Monitor negative product reviews


It takes a lot of effort and investment to become buy box eligible and you just can’t let the bad actors on Amazon steal the buy box from you. By stealing the buy box from you, they’ll not only affect your sales but your brand’s reputation will also be at risk. Leverage these software tools listed above to stay in control of your brand.

Amazon Buy Box Monitoring

If you need help with Amazon buy box monitoring, get in touch with Sunken Stone. We are a leading Amazon brand management service with unmatched expertise and experience in brand protection.

At Sunken Stone, we leverage working strategies to protect your brand on Amazon.  We have a team of Amazon brand management specialists who understand the ins and outs of Amazon brand protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Gets The Buy Box On Amazon?

Those who get the buy box on Amazon are professional sellers who have met Amazon’s performance-based requirements.

What Is Amazon Buy Box Percentage?

This is a metric that measures how often your product appears in the Amazon buy box.

What Does Buy Box Wins Mean On Amazon?

It means being chosen for the buy box placement i.e. having the ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ buttons on your products.

What Does Buy Box Eligible Mean?

This means you’ve met Amazon’s performance-based requirements to be chosen for the buy box placement.


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