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Use These 9 Analytics Tools To Inform Your Amazon Strategy

  • Robert Runyon
  • March 24, 2021

What Is The Best Amazon Research Tool?

There are many great Amazon research tools to choose from. Some of the best options you may want to consider include Helium 10, Sellics, and AMZ Base.

Finding the right analytics tools for your Amazon strategy isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The platform has grown into a thriving ecosystem also made up of third parties.

Amazon is a highly competitive platform, and to gain an edge against your competitors, you must leverage the best tools for Amazon sellers. The best analytics tools for Amazon sellers will help you keep tabs on your performance and your rivals.

Analytics tools will help you make the right decisions while keeping an eye on your opponents. With the countless Amazon analytics tools available today, choosing the best tools can be an overwhelming task.

However, it becomes much easier to choose Amazon analytics tools when you know what you’re seeking. Some of the factors to consider while choosing analytics tools include objectives, pricing, user interface, integration, and scalability.  

Typically, analytics tools come with different features based on their primary purpose. As a result, it’s essential to determine the specific functionalities you’re looking for in an analytic tool.

Most Amazon analytics tools come with a range of capabilities, such as intuitive interface, data blending capabilities, integration support, raw data processing, reporting features, security features, and many more.

The trick to succeeding on Amazon is leveraging the best Amazon analytics tools to take your business to the next level.

In the next section, we look at some of the critical things you should care about when choosing Amazon analytics tools.

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What To Look For In An Amazon Analytics Tool

Don’t get blinded by the countless features; what you want out of an analytics tool is visibility against some of the essential business metrics of your Amazon brand.

The key metrics you should care about as an Amazon seller include:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Product Ranking
  • Seller Rating
  • Conversion Rate
  • Order Defect Rate
  • Unit Session Percentage Rate
  • Inventory Performance
  • Fulfillment Performance
  • Profit Margin
  • Customer Retention

It’s essential to continuously monitor these metrics to see how your business is performing. Thankfully, Amazon analytics tools can give you insights into most of these metrics without calculating manually.

Today, keeping tabs on these metrics is hassle-free because there’s always a reliable tool for tracking every metric.

The 9 Tools You Should Consider For Your Amazon Business Analytics

There are plenty of options out there, but we’ve boiled this list down to 9 tools we think are best-suited to help you better analyze your Amazon data.

Amazon Analytics Tool #1: Helium 10

Helium 10 - the #1 amazon analytics tool
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Helium 10 is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers that you can use to gain insight into your performance. This software comes with over a dozen tools to help you keep tabs on your competitors, identify trends, find the best keywords to rank for, and track your finances.

Helium 10 provides the following tools:

Product Research Tools: Under this category, Helium 10 offers tools such as Trendster, Xray, profitability calculator, and Black Box. With these tools, you can visualize sales trends in intuitive graphs, gain powerful marketplace insights, and uncover winning product ideas.

Keyword Research Tools: Helium 10’s Cerebro and Magnet tool allows you to uncover keywords for organic and sponsored search results. With this tool, you can discover which keywords your competitors rank for. 

Listing Optimization Tools: The index checker tool allows you to check if your products show up in search results for your keywords.

Helium 10 also comes with an inventory management solution, a market tracker that enables you to scout your opposition, and a seller analytics tool that you can use to measure your profitability.

You can also use Helium 10 for hijacker and product monitoring to protect your business from the bad actors on the marketplace.

There’s so much you can do with Helium 10. 

However, Helium 10 doesn’t have an Amazon PPC manager. If you’re interested in a tool for monitoring your PPC campaigns, then this may not be the best Amazon analytic tool to go for.

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Amazon Analytics Tool #2: Sellics

Sellics - the #2 amazon analytics tool

Sellics offers nearly all the tools that Amazon sellers need to stay ahead. This Amazon analytics tool offers three separate editions for sellers, vendors, and agencies.

The seller edition is designed for businesses selling on Amazon via Seller Central; the vendor edition is intended for brands selling on Amazon via Vendor Central. The agency edition is tailored to meet the need of agencies with clients selling on Amazon.

Profit Tracker: Through Sellics profit, Amazon sellers can calculate their profits in an automated way.

Product research solution: The product analysis tool allows you to check who the bestsellers are in various categories and keep tabs on your competitor’s performance.

Sellics SEO: This tool enables you to identify keyword opportunities for your products. The tool helps you to improve brand exposure and boost your conversion rate.

Amazon PPC Tool: With this tool, you can automate routine tasks, compare the performance of ongoing campaigns, and improve ROI.

Amazon Keyword Analysis Tool: You can find the best keywords for your products, optimize your SEO efforts, and find out the kind of keywords your competitors are ranking for to gain a competitive edge.

Generally, Sellics has everything you need to improve your rank, boost your conversion rate, and stay ahead of the pack.

Sellics is best suited for sellers looking to find the best keywords to rank for and those who want to grow their organic sales.

Amazon Analytics Tool #3: Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - the #3 amazon analytics tool

Another popular Amazon analytics tool is Jungle Scout. It offers features similar to those of Sellics. With this tool, you can monitor your FBA sales, revenue, expenses, reviews, consumer trends, and much more.

Jungle Scout allows you to scout your competitors, understand your market share, and find profitable products and the best keywords to rank for.

There are some of the solutions that Jungle Scout offers:

Review Automation: This solution enables sellers to get more product reviews with automated review requests.

Rank Tracker: This solution enables sellers to view keyword rank history for multiple keywords simultaneously.

Inventory Manager: This tool allows you to automate your Amazon inventory planning. With this solution, sellers can maintain an accurate balance between having too much stock and tool little. It also enables sellers to improve their order fulfillment rate.

Product Tracker: This solution makes it easy for sellers to compare product ideas and confidently choose the best products to sell on Amazon.

Sales Analytics: You can keep track of your profits and Amazon fees using this tool.

Keyword Scout: This solution allows you to find high-converting keywords as well as the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Supplier Database: This solution enables sellers to find reliable suppliers and their customers. The supplier database is an outstanding feature that differentiates Jungle Scout from Sellics.

If your main objective is to find high-quality manufacturers, Jungle Scout may be the best Amazon analytics tool to go for.

The notable drawback for Jungle Scout is that the Lite and Basic versions are pretty limited in what they can do. So you may have to subscribe for paid versions to be able to leverage all its features.

Amazon Analytics Tool #4: Amalyze

Amalyze - the #4 amazon analytics tool

Amalyze is a free Amazon analytics tool that provides sellers with a set of powerful tools. With Amalyze, you can keep tabs on Amazon trends, find top-ranking products by keywords, and automate inventory management tasks.

The following are the solutions that Amalyze offers:

Keyword Research & Analysis: This solution allows you to find high-converting keywords in various categories. There are many other things you can do with the keyword research and analysis suite of tools.

Analytics: There are many solutions under this category that allow sellers to analyze SERP volatility and consumer trends.

Inventory Analysis: This tool comes with several capabilities that enable sellers to keep track of all their products at all times.

Amazon Advertising: You can track your marketing campaigns to establish what’s working and what’s not.

Product Research, Analysis & Surveillance: This solution enables you to conduct in-depth product surveillance, analyze turnover probability per keyword, and track price changes and Buy Box changes.

Amalzye is one of the most comprehensive Amazon analytics tools you’ll ever use.  

Amazon Analytics Tool #5: AMZ Base

AMZBase - the #5 amazon analytics tool

AMZ Base is a great tool that you can use to find the best products to sell on Amazon. This all-in-one, instant search tool allows you to access various such engines and other online retailing websites to check listing information.

AMZ Base also allows you to find historical prices of the products that you may be considering selling on Amazon to make informed decisions.

Also, AMZ Base allows you to calculate FBA fees and estimate your potential profits. With this tool, you can take the guesswork out of product research and choose profitable products.

The best thing about AMZ Base is that it’s user-friendly. Although it has limited features compared to other tools like Helium 10 and Sellics, AMZ Base performs exceptionally well when it comes to product research.

 Amazon Analytics Tool #6: AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker - the #6 amazon analytics tool

AMZ Tracker comes with many user-friendly features that you can use to find the best products to sell on Amazon, grow your rankings, and improve your conversion rates.

The keyword tracking tool allows you to track how your products perform in terms of ranking with one glance. You’ll be able to find the key phrases that customers are typing in the Amazon search bar when searching for products and the keywords your competitors are missing.

You can also conduct competitor analysis to find out the kind of strategies your competitors are using. This tool allows you to see the changes your competitors are making to their product listings and the flaws in their listings so that you can leverage those shortcomings to your advantage. 

AMZ Tracker comes in handy for review management by sending you negative review alerts whenever customers leave less than 5-star reviews. This tool allows you to reach out to dissatisfied customers and make things right for the best chance of raising the rating.

The main selling point of AMZ Tracker is that it offers both offensive and defensive strategies that enable sellers to gain insights into a range of metrics.

Though AMZ Tracker comes with a 7-day free trial, the basic package starts at $50 a month. The major drawback of this Amazon analytics tool is that the pricing gets expensive if you want to track many products.

Amazon Analytics Tool #7: SellerApp

SellerApp - the #7 amazon analytics tool

SellerApp combines a range of capabilities to help you supercharge your Amazon business. Whether you’re looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level or keep an eye on your sales performance, SellerApp is an ideal analytics tool to use.

With SellerApp’s product research tool, you can discover high potential and low competition products to sell on Amazon. You can also perform keyword research and optimize your SEO efforts.

The listing quality analyzer performs a detailed audit to understand your listing and how you can optimize it to improve your ranking.

Generally, SellerApp has proven to be an effective tool for tracking critical metrics 24/7. The real-time alerts enable you to keep track of the metrics that matter to you most.

Amazon Analytics Tool #8: IO Scout

IO Scout - the #8 Amazon analytics tool

IO Scout is an affordable all-in-one Amazon analytics tool that works as a chrome extension. This tool comes with a range of analytics tools, including product research tools, Amazon product tracker, FBA calculator, sales estimator, keyword tool, and many other tools.

You can use IO Scout to track daily trends on Amazon so that you can make informed decisions. Also, you can discover the best products to sell on Amazon, as well as high-converting keywords to rank for.

Amazon Analytics Tool #9: Amazon FBA Calculator

Amazon FBA calculator helps you to calculate costs, net profit, and return on investment. By playing with different pricing points, you can determine the maximum profit potential of a product.

Besides, the Amazon FBA calculator can help you determine the best fulfillment method by comparing fulfillment modes.

Don’t Want To Use A Tool? Here’s How To Calculate Your Metrics Manually

Sometimes a good old spreadsheet is the best way to get things done. While the nine tools are the best we’ve found, they tend to be expensive and clunky. Why not use something familiar?

Sellers can use Google Sheets or Excel to calculate their metrics. Excel offers a range of dashboards that sellers can use to calculate metrics.

To calculate metrics using excel, open the excel dashboard in data view and click on the table containing the base measure. The calculation area appears below the table, right-click on the calculated field and go to create KPI.

In the next step, you’ll be required to select a target measure and then select an absolute value whereby you’ll be required to enter numerical values.

Adjust low and high threshold values and then enter descriptions for KPIs, target, status, and value.

How Can Sellers Keep Metrics Up To Date?

Sellers can leverage a range of tools to keep their metrics updated.

Although calculating metrics the manual way can be time-consuming, it can help you save money.

Don’t Rely On Just Tools To Grow Your Amazon Brand

Great companies are made of people, not just tools. If you want your Amazon brand to succeed, you must train and put the right people where they can deliver their best work.

Tools for Amazon sellers are best used when they enhance an already-existing process. If you want to get the best results with Amazon analytics tools, it’s advisable to train your internal team and assign them tasks where they do best.

It’s a good idea for Amazon businesses to train their internal teams to use tools for Amazon sellers. This helps to improve efficiency and productivity.

Typically, the average cost of training internal teams ranges from $1,000- $1,300.

A more cost-effective alternative is to hire a professional agency to handle the work. At Sunken Stone, we have the expertise to use all the Amazon analytics tools shown above effectively.

We are a professional Amazon brand management service with unrivaled experience in helping Amazon sellers and e-commerce brand owners to take their businesses to the next level. 

If you need help with using Amazon analytics tools, get in touch with us at Sunken Stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I See Amazon Analytics?

You can find Amazon analytics under the Reports tab in Seller Central.

Does Amazon Have Analytics?

Yes, Amazon has analytics that allows sellers to access insightful reports and actionable data.

What Is The Best Amazon Research Tool?

There are many great Amazon research tools to choose from. Some of the best options you may want to consider include Helium 10, Sellics, and AMZ Base.

What Tools Does Amazon Use?

Amazon uses a wide range of tools for various purposes ranging from analytics tools to optimization tools and keyword research tools.

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