An Unbiased Review of Amasuite’s Amazon Software [2021]

What Is Amasuite?

Amasuite is a powerful Windows PC & Mac software that is used to extract & analyze each of the top 100 categories from the US and UK Amazon sites!

Amasuite is an interesting suite of Amazon software with 3 primary products 1) top product analyzer, 2) search analyzer, and 3) review analyzer. As the names suggest, they help with research primarily.

Chris Guthrie and Dave Guidon created Amasuite to help both affiliates and sellers promote and strategically sell their products. Amasuite offers various tools that can research keywords, fetch data on your competition, and analyze reviews for specific products on Amazon. You can either buy each Amasuite tool separately or buy the Amasuite 5.0 bundle, which allows you to get all the tools together.

The Amasuite website itself feels a little dated, with information still popping up from 2019. Plus, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of data located on the front page.

At Sunken Stone, we use top-of-the-line tools to help brands thrive on Amazon, so we knew we had to test out Amasuite’s products to see how they stacked up. Continue reading for a complete unbiased Amasuite review.

An Overview Of Amasuite’s Lineup Of Products & Training

Amasuite doesn’t just provide software. They also have a series of educational courses on how to use these products in an effective manner. It’s an interesting proposition. They offer both an Amazon Sellers Training Course and an Amazon Affiliate Training Course.

Both courses start with the basics of picking a product and niche for your products as well as getting your Amazon store up and running. The course then transitions into how to use their products to help your online business thrive.

However, the last update to the seller’s training course was back in 2017! Things change too fast on Amazon to rely on information that is over four years old. It is not recommended to rely on this information if you’re trying to learn about Amazon. Instead, search for relevant, helpful content for your Amazon store, like this Amazon Listing Optimization guide.

Although the documentation and training might not be current, Amasuite is still well regarded in the Amazon software game. By using Amasuite’s products, you can find some valuable tools to help your Amazon store grow.

Review of Amasuite’s Top Product Analyzer

Amasuite's Top Product Analyzer

Since Amasuite includes multiple products that can be purchased separately, we’re giving each of them their own separate reviews and then bringing them together at the end.

The Amasuite Top Product Analyzer helps to find hidden products that are top performers according to any specific sub-category you choose. The application will pull the top 100 products from the various sections of the UK and US Amazon websites. 

The results of the Top Product Analyzer will help you find profitable products to promote or sell. With over 67,000 categories built into the software, sellers can be sure they’re going to find relevant and timely data that can be filtered to find the information you need.

There are other Amazon tools available that are similar to Amasuite’s Top Product Analyzer, such as IO Scout and Jungle Scout. However, Amasuite’s Top Product Analyzer is a quick and easy way to download a ton of information on profitable Amazon products filtered by categories such as shipping, reviews, ratings, and sale price.

Review of Amasuite’s Search Analyzer

Amasuite's Search Analyzer

Perhaps not as unique as the Product Analyzer, Amasuite’s Search Analyzer is still an interesting proposition for SEO purposes on Amazon, although the competition is strong.

The Search Analyzer allows you to find similar or related products within a specific sub-category. You can find out which products rank at the top of a page with a simple search. To use it, you’ll need to choose a category, enter a search phrase, and allow the tool to pull top-selling products, as well as insights and data.

However, there are many search analyzers on the market that can be found with a quick google search and feature more powerful search and filter options. It’s not worth the money to purchase this item on its own unless it’s already pre-bundled with other Amasuite products.

Review of Amasuite Review Analyzer

Amasuite Review Analyzer

Reviews on Amazon are a crucial part of building trust with new customers. Amasuite’s review analyzer lets you keep track of reviews to learn what customers care about.

The Review Analyzer is a powerful tool that pulls reviews quickly so you can understand what customers dislike or like about a product. This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to decide what products to sell as a private label. To use the Review Analyzer, type in the product and click go. Data will appear that is organized and easy to read. 

However, this is not much different than browsing through reviews on a specific product yourself. For the steep price tag associated with the Review Analyzer tool, it might be better to do the research yourself.

Bringing All 3 Amasuite Products Together: Are They Worth It?

Without the proper Amazon seller tools, there aren’t many sellers out there who can say they’ve made it big on Amazon. Browsing information manually on the platform is just mind-numbingly inefficient.

If you’re going to purchase any of Amasuite’s tools, it makes sense to buy the bundle, as it offers the best value. Available for only $197, Amasuite 5 is very valuable to perform a quick research on your products and help you to become a great seller on Amazon, primarily if you use drop shipping in your business.

While you can find similar tools through other online platforms that may offer more value or support, Amasuite is still an excellent tool for Amazon sellers. If you’re a newbie and feel overwhelmed by the thought of using Amasuite’s products, consider hiring experts at Sunken Stone to help your store become successful and grow in sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Amasuite 5 Bundle Cost?

You can purchase the Amasuite 5 Bundle for only $197, or make four monthly payments of $67.

Is There An Amasuite 5 Free Download Available?

While there is no legal way to download Amasuite online for free, you can find free versions to download with a quick Google search. We recommend against doing downloading Amasuite this way, as the files may contain spyware.

What Tools Are Included In The Amasuite 5 Bundle?

The tools included in Amasuite’s bundle includes: Top Product Analyzer, Ama Keyword Generator, Ama Search Analyzer, Ama Inspector, and Review Analyzer.

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