Fix Your Amazon Listing Headaches

With the world’s first API based Amazon catalog manager

FlatFilePro Is An Amazon Listing Software That Saves You Money

FlatFilePro Saves You Money

FlatFilePro Is An Amazon Listing Software That Saves You Time

FlatFilePro Saves You Time

FlatFilePro Is An Amazon Listing Software That Reduces Headaches & Frustrations

FlatFilePro Reduces Amazon Headaches


Life Is Too Short To Spend Your Time Fixing Amazon Listing Problems

It’s A Fact – Brands That Keep Their Listings Up Sell More & Rank Better Than Their Competition

  • 24/7 access to listing backups in the event of employee errors or black-hat attacks.

  • Automate Amazon Seller account backups to save product information without the hassle.

  • Prevent tedious spreadsheet backups and stop the headache causing Amazon cases to fix listings.

Our Amazon Listing Software Conducts Nightly Backups To Protect Your Listing Data

Fix Your Amazon Problems In 90 Seconds with our Sync/See/Save plan

You’re a few clicks away from finding broken listings, getting them back live and reducing your lost revenue

Sign up for FlatFilePro and connect to your Amazon Seller Central account.
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Watch FlatFile pro automatically backup your listing data and identify errors costing you money.
Follow the easy to use prompts to fix errors and get products back live and selling. Save time and money by using Flat File Pro. One-click edits, For The Win!
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FlatFilePro Saves You Time

Restore & Edit Amazon Listings Data 17x Faster

  • Compared to inventory file spreadsheets, FlatFilePro makes editing your listings 17x faster

  • Give employees edit access to specific parts of listings to streamline your operations

  • Reduces Amazon cases and error codes by 8x compared to Seller Central


Secure Storage

Safe, Offsite Storage Of Your Seller Account Data

  • AES 256bit cypher storage encryption. FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules for the ultimate in security

  • SSL connections enabled by default and forced for all connections

  • 1-click immediate restores for product listing versions to restore data securely at any time.

Flat File Pro Backs Up Your Amazon Listing Data Stores Version In The Cloud

Built By Amazon Seller For Amazon Sellers


Brands Managed


Unique ASINs Managed


Managed Sales

Flat File Pro Is Amazon Listing Software That Allows Nightly Backups 1 Click Restores User Permissions

Quickly Correct Employee Mistakes & Prevent Incorrect Listing Data

Don’t stress about spending hours manually finding and resolving product listing data after an incorrect product inventory file upload. Save and recover your lost Amazon revenue using Flat File Pro.


Afterwards $49/mo. Lock in your promotional price today. (No CC required for trial)

FlatFilePro Saves You Money

Fix Listing Errors From One Easy-To-Use Interface

  • Bulk edit product listings and simplify Amazon’s complex product listing process.

  • Time=Money. Free up your or employees time to work on other areas of your business.

  • Make seasonal listing changes and revert to previous drafts with ease to give you that promotional revenue bump.

Flat File Pro Is An Amazon Listing Software That Saves Version History
Flat File Pro Software Allows You To Set User Permissions On Who Can Control Your Amazon Listing

User Permissions

Set User Permissions Without Sharing Credentials

  • Delegate access to your Amazon Seller Central account to other members of your team, so they can edit listings without having Amazon credentials.

  • Manage team accounts and invite new users to manage one or more Amazon Merchant accounts without sharing the primary Seller or Vendor account passwords.

  • Make listing management easy with Flat File Pro. Management can approve listing edits, reject changes, and set user permissions.


Account Approvals

Protect Amazon Merchant Data With Account Approvals

  • Assign user-level permissions to your team and provide specific listing and account information access.

  • Provide access to descriptions, and images, and other listing elements, or limit certain access so that team members can only change specific elements.

  • Manage important account data with multi-factor authentication, advanced two-factor authentication, and approval workflows for increased security.

This Amazon Listing Software Uses Approvals To Protect Your Amazon Account

Save Time, Money & Gain More Control Over Your Seller Central Account Using Flat File Pro

Backup, protect, and manage your Amazon account listings from one easy-to-use dashboard. Bulk edit product listings quickly, manage a team and set permissions further to protect you, and your client’s Amazon accounts with Flat File Pro.


Afterwards $49/mo. Lock in your promotional price today. (No CC required for trial)

Easily Manage Your Amazon Account Listings

Look at how simple it is to backup and restore account data using Flat File Pro.

Amazon Listing Software That Prevents You From Worrying About Data Loss

Get Listings Live & Stop Losing Money

Easy 1-click options to fix broken listings without having to submit time consuming cases or appeals. API access means FlatFilePro works fast and accurately

Amazon Listing Software That Allows You To Fix Your Team's Mistakes

Correct Employee Mistakes

Quickly retrieve and override previous product listing versions from your Amazon Seller account to resolve incorrect information or fix a duplicate listing.

Software That Saves Time Editing Your Amazon Product Listings

Save Time With Our Bulk Editor

Manage all of your Amazon products at once with bulk edits. Edit the product title, description, bullets, images, listing categories, and more to save time updating each listing. (Holiday specific sales anyone?)

Use The Flat File Pro Software Take Control Of Your Amazon Listings

Save Time and Money, Protect Your Amazon Account & Take Control Of Your Data with FlatFilePro


Afterwards $49/mo. Lock in your promotional price today. (No CC required for trial)