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New Product

Attempting your first handful of Amazon products? We help new product sellers launch their product, and drive targeted traffic so they can rapidly begin generating revenue.

Experienced Product

Optimization and Growth are KEY for Experienced sellers. We scale up the efforts that ARE working, throw out the efforts that are wasting you money, and introduce new paths and opportunities for rapid expansion

Online or B&M

Have a great product that’s doing great in retail or other online channels besides Amazon? We’ll launch your established products onto Amazon, and drive targeted traffic so you can rapidly begin generating an additional stream of automated revenue.

Our Why

Profitable connections driven by passionate expertise and mutual trust.

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Our steps cover everything necessary for your Amazon business to:

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About Sunken Stone

  • Sunken Stone is a premier, performance-based Amazon channel partner with over 11 years of experience and proven, sustainable success.

  • In addition to over 800+ total product SKU’s in the North American market, we also have experience and expertise internationally, including Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

  • We think like brand owners because we are brand owners. We’ve taken methods that have been tirelessly tested and proven originating with our own products, and molded these efforts into a repeatable process for Brand Growth across industries and niches.

  • While we still develop our own brands, our expertise and passion for helping other clients succeed in their Amazon businesses has naturally created a shift into Consulting and ‘Done-For-You’ Brand Management.


Adam Weiler

Stacey Speck
GM/Lead Account Manager

Paula Lambert
Account Manager

Wahid Habib
Lead Marketplace Analyst

Dominique Hernandez
Lead Catalog Manager

Eric Vjaters
Advertising Manager

 Viviana Gonzalez
Solutions Manager

Justin Nguyen
Content Manager

Rocio Venegas
Design Manager

Kathryn Beck
Assistant Catalog Manager

International Team

Niel Letigio
Promotions Manager

Ryan Dabao
Marketing Supervisor

Juan Fidel Gevero
Ebay Manager

Charmaine Benedicto
Customer Service Manager

Vanessa A. Tomale
Customer Service Manager

Chack Libo-on
Graphic Designer

George Doquesa
Graphic Designer

Nicel Caminian
Graphic Designer

Lira Valderama
Listing Auditor

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Office Guard Dog

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