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When To Seek Out A Marketing Agency For Amazon…

If Your Consumer Product Brand Is Mostly Crushing It…

By which we mean:

You're Doing Between 1MM – 40MM Per Year In Revenue

You’re Doing Between $1MM – $40MM / Year

Your Catalog Contains Less Than 300 SKUs

Your Catalog Includes Fewer Than 300 SKUs

You're Constantly Working To Grow Revenue Across Different Channels

You’re Constantly Working To Grow Revenue Across Channels

…but you KNOW your Amazon presence is leaving money on the table (for your competition to snatch up)…

You might already have poured a ton of effort — not to mention spend — into building and improving your Amazon presence. But over at Amazon, the rules can change on a dime and bring everything you’ve built tumbling down.

And even if your Amazon listings are performing just fine, there’s a very good chance your brand could be doing better – a lot better.

Regardless of what’s holding back your Amazon sales, it’s a problem — and it’s one you have to fix to become a leader in your category.

Our Margeting Agency Will Level Up Your Amazon Channel
Smart & Scalable Turnkey Amazon Marketing Agency Services From Sunken Stone

We’re The Results-Driven Marketing Agency Of Record For 100s Of Happy Clients

Sunken Stone is a top-tier, results-driven Amazon marketing agency for growing eCommerce brands. Tap into our managed services to take your eCommerce or Amazon business to the next level today!

Our agency will take the reins of your Amazon account, identify areas to optimize based on our proven 4-pillar process (more on that below), and deliver more sales, higher AOV, higher ROI, and higher all-those-other-3-letter-acronyms that mean more money in your accounts.

We use Stonehenge, our proprietary software that collects marketing & advertising data through Amazon APIs to develop marketing concepts and make better informed decisions with your data.

All while you continue managing the parts of the business that you enjoy way more than Amazon because you just don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Get Proven Expertise That Delivers The Results You Want On Amazon

Over 95% Of Our Clients Experience Overwhelming Success
Using Our Results-Driven Approach

Including these brands you’ll recognize:

We're The Amazon Marketing Agency Of Record For These Well-Known Brands

Driving Growth On Amazon Is Complicated —
But You Knew That Already

Hundreds of factors play into whether you make the sale, delight the customer, and
keep them around. We’re guessing you don’t have hundreds of employees
(or eyes) to manage all of those factors.

Luckily, we’ve turned the sales optimization and growth processes into a smoothly
oiled system.
Here are just a few of the ways we’ll evaluate and improve your Amazon sales:

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If you can confidently look at each of those services and say: “Yep, we’re doing a great job there.”

Then you don’t need us.

However, if one or more of those little blue icons makes you wince, scowl, or
want to send a frantic Slack message… we’re here for you.

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Get The Help You Need To Take Your Amazon Business To The Next Level

We Establish Strategic Agency Partnerships With







Firstly, if your consumer product brand is doing between $1MM and $40MM in annual revenue, with a catalog of no more than 300 SKUs, and you want to take your Amazon sales to the next level NOW rather than later, you’re in exactly the right place. 

While we can deliver results in any category, we tend to get especially impressive results in these niches:

Beauty Sunken Stone


Pet Products Sunken Stone


Grocery and Food Sunken Stone

Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Health and Personal Care Sunken Stone

Health & Personal

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Want To Increase Revenue From Amazon? We Can Help With That.

YouTube video

See What This 8-Figure Brand Owner Says About Our Results-Driven Marketing Agency

Chas Smith CEO, Paleovalley


In fact, we’ve been the Amazon agency partner of choice for Chas since 2017. Consequently, Paleovalley’s Amazon sales have gone from 0 to seven figures annually 

Our Proven Process Has Generated 3-1+ ROAS On All Amazon Advertising Across 150+ Brands

However, when you’re ready to take Amazon to the next level, we’ll tackle the 4 Pillars of Success first: Content, Advertising, Inventory Management, and Customer Service.

Furthermore, our flexible agency process is less cookie-cutter, more Choose Your Own Adventure. (Spoiler alert: the ending is always “more sales”.)


Actual Advertising Results










Here's A Chart Of Our Advertising Results

Two Ways To Work With Our Results-Driven Marketing Agency

Sunken Stone's Feather Test™

Feather Test™

Yes, we trademarked it, because it’s that awesome. However, if you’re currently doing under $50K/month on Amazon or just getting started, this fixed-scope, 4-month engagement is the best way to evaluate your product’s potential. Furthermore, it will allow your brand quick access to expert Amazon insights & next-level advantages while we discover if we both like working with each other.

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Sunken Stone's MAX Programs

One Of Our “Max” Programs (Max Results or Max Control)

However, if you’re already bringing in over $50K or more every month on Amazon, we’ll scale your sales as high as they can go. Additionally, you choose whether to sell through our account (where everything’s ready and waiting), or yours (where the results might not be as impressive, therefore you have more control). Cool with you? We thought so.

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Most Importantly, Here Are 3 Reasons To Work With Us Over Another
Marketing Agency or Specialist For Amazon

Additionally, what makes our marketing agency the best choice when selling on Amazon? Well, not to brag, but to clarify:

Our Amazon Marketing Agency Is Founded Upon The Four Pillars Of Success

Our Results-Driven Process Is Built Around The 4 Pillars Of Amazon Success

Inventory, marketing, content, and customer service. Why? ‘Cause you just can’t lose when you focus on those 4 areas.

Sunken Stone Is Your Amazon Marketing Agency Partner For The Long Run

We’re Your Agency Partner For The Long Run

We establish deep partnerships with our clients. Our performance-based agreements and growth-incentivized deals mean that we don’t make more money unless we make you more money.

Our Expert Amazon Insights Allow Overwhelming Success Without Headaches

Our Expert Amazon Insights Allow Overwhelming Success Without Headaches

Years of experience in the Amazon space have given us exclusive Amazon access, knowledge, and the ability to successfully implement strategic solutions to positively impact your brand for years to come. 

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Get Highly-Specialized Channel Expertise Tailored To Your Unique Needs.

YouTube video

Here’s Another 8-Figure Brand Owner Who Says Nice Things About Our Results-Driven Marketing Agency

Djamel Bettahar, CEO Organifi and Niels Tervoort, Director of Supply Chain, Organifi


To clarify, we have provided agency services for DJ and Niels for over 5 years. Subsequently, Organifi’s Amazon sales have gone up 3000%

Our Agency By The Numbers

Join more than a hundred 7-8 figure brands who have grown their Amazon sales with us


Brands Helped


Unique ASINs


Managed Sales

We’ve Done The Agency Work & Earned
The Badges To Prove It With Amazon

Our Marketing Agency Is Part Of The Amazon Global Selling Solution Provider Network
Our Marketing Agency Has Received Accreditation For Amazon Advertising
Our Marketing Agency Is A Trusted Partner With Helium 10

In fact, let’s take a look at your Amazon account today

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Most importantly, we’ll give you advice & recommendations for improvement on Amazon. In fact, all at no cost to you.

Who Is Sunken Stone? We’re The Marketing Agency Of Record For Hundreds Of Happy Clients!

We’re a premier, results-driven Amazon channel partner with over 11 years of experience and proven, sustainable success. In addition to more than 10,000+ total product SKUs in the North American market, we have experience and expertise internationally, including marketplaces in Canada, Mexico, UK, and EU .

We think like brand owners because we are brand owners. After creating and honing our methods on our own products, we turned them into a repeatable process for brand growth across industries and niches.

While we still sell some of our own brands, we started offering consulting and done-for-you brand management to other brands selling on Amazon about 5 years ago with great results. Because why shouldn’t everyone win?

Meet Our Superstar Team!

Wahid Habib - Head of Strategic Partnerships, Sunken Stone

Wahid “Will” Habib

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Paula Lambert - Director of Account Management, Sunken Stone

Paula Lambert

Director of Account Management

Emily Lindahl - Senior Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Emily Lindahl

Senior Account Manager

Chelsea Ruitenburg - Senior Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Chelsea Ruitenberg

Senior Account Manager

Kristen Ward - Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Kristen Ward

Account Manager

Matthew Erikson - Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Matthew Erickson

Account Manager

Megan Norwood - Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Megan Norwood

Account Manager

Viktoriya Zaiser - Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Viktoriya Zaiser

Account Manager

Tayler Wills - Account Manager, Sunken Stone

Tayler Wills

Account Manager

Dominique Hernandez - Director of Inventory, Sunken Stone

Dominique Hernandez

Director of Inventory

Stacey Williams - Inventory Manager, Sunken Stone

Stacey Williams

Inventory Manager

Kathryn Beck - Onboarding Manager, Sunken Stone

Kathryn Beck

Onboarding Manager

Kathryn Beck - Onboarding Manager, Sunken Stone

José Rodríguez

Onboarding Specialist

Shelby Davis - Director of Content, Sunken Stone

Shelby Davis

Director of Content

Nicole Medeck - Content Manager, Sunken Stone

Nicole Medeck

Content Manager

Chanel Currie - Director of Customer Solutions, Sunken Stone

Chanel Currie

Director of Customer Solutions

Viviana Gonzalez - Customer Solutions Manager, Sunken Stone

Vivana Gonzalez

Customer Solutions Manager

Jessie Stellmach - Customer Solutions Manager, Sunken Stone

Jessie Stellmach

Customer Solutions Manager

Cassandra Lacy - Case Manager Specialist, Sunken Stone

Cassandra Lacy

Case Manager Specialist

Lukas Matthews - Director of Advertising Strategy, Sunken Stone

Lukas Matthews

Director of Advertising Strategy

Justin Nguyen - Advertising & Marketing Manager, Sunken Stone

Justin Nguyen

Advertising & Marketing Manager

Matt Hilton - Advertising & Marketing Manager, Sunken Stone

Matt Hilton

Advertising & Marketing Manager

Travis Kivisto - Senior Technical Project Manager, Sunken Stone

Travis Kivisto

Senior Technical Project Manager

Alyssa Obermeyer - Human Resources Manager, Sunken Stone

Alyssa Obermeyer

HR Manager

Travis Schwartz - Chief Innovation Officer, Sunken Stone

Travis Schwartz

Chief Innovation Officer

Adam Weiler - Founder & CEO, Sunken Stone

Adam Weiler


Our Core Values

See What We Care About Most

Sunken Stone Core Value #1: Flex-Ellence


Sunken Stone Core Value #2: Growth


Sunken Stone Core Value #3: Partnership


Sunken Stone Core Value #4: Google It!

“Google it!”

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Why Do We Do This?

There are a lot of ways we could explain our “why”. The simplest? We genuinely care about helping great products get into more customers’ hands, hearts, and homes. And we think brand owners should enjoy the biggest, juiciest, revenue-iest fruits of their labor.

Oh, and if you’re curious about the name…

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This Could Be The Start Of Something Beautiful (or just plain profitable)

If It’s Important To Your Brand,
We’re Writing About It

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